Staying Away (Pranked Series)

In college I lived in an apartment building with these guys who were always playing pranks on each other. Sometimes, as their neighbor, I would get caught in the crossfire. I once opened the door to the stairwell and a bucket of water tipped and fell on my head. One day everything changed. It’s like they moved out overnight and 3 hot bimbos moved in. The pranks came to a stop but now I had to put up with hearing moaning all the time. It’s almost harder than putting up with the pranks because I was horny all the time. I’m not gonna lie, I fucked all 3.

As time went on I noticed more girls acting like bimbos visiting them. One day after having sex I asked Jane what happened to the guys who they got the apartment from, if she even knew them. I even told her how they played pranks on each other all the time and I sometimes would be on the end of them. Jane went to her closet, brought back a box, and took a dvd out of it. She told me to watch it at my place.

After dinner I put the dvd in my ps4 and sipped on a beer. I kicked back on the sofa and hit play. I couldn’t believe my eyes! Guys were transformed into girls by a dildo! Not just hot girls either but complete bimbos craving sex all the time. I then realized what happened to the guys who played pranks :0 The following day I went to return the dvd to Jane. She answered the door naked and I couldn’t resist saying no to her when she invited me in. After we had sex she took the box out again to put the dvd away. I saw her pick up the pink dildo! When she asked if I wanted to see it I said no. She then threw it at me. I kind of expected as much and was able to dodge it. I grabbed my clothes and went back to my place locking the door behind me. I spent the next week packing being very careful as I moved through the building and avoiding the girls. I moved on the 7th day after I dodged the dildo.

I moved across the country and started my first job out of college. 2 months have passed since I moved and things are going great. I felt so relieved I got away from the girls and more specifically that dildo. Just then I got a text from Kim. It said she missed me with a link that would show me how much. The link brought me to a video of her using the dildo while moaning my name. I texted back I miss you too but I’m staying away!

A few days later I woke up in the morning in bed and I felt something at my feet. I used my feet to move the object high enough for me to get it with my hand. When my hand came out from under the sheets I saw I was holding the pink dildo!!! I quickly set it on my nightstand but I am now incredibly horny. I felt something else under the covers. This time I pulled the covers down to reveal a set of knee high stockings. Not just any set but Kims!

I am so hard! I keep glancing back at the dildo. I can’t stop thinking about how the dildo works. I’m still a guy so holding it must be ok. I pick it up and start looking at it. My heart is racing and I am so turned on. I bring it closer to my eyes to examine it. All I see out of place is at the base there are embossed letters “m2f+b”. I think back to the dvd and they only changed after their tongue touched it. I wonder what it smells like? I hold it horizontally under my nose and inhale. It still smells like pussy! Maybe if I wet my lips and rub it on them I can get a taste of Kim’s pussy juice and stay a guy.

It worked! Why am I so horny? It doesn’t matter, I want to taste more. Just getting flavor off my lips is not enough. I stick the dildo in my mouth and start sucking. Mmmm she tastes so good. Damn my chest is hard and my crotch is damp! I grab my tit and start massaging it. My pussy is throbbing. I keep sucking on the dildo and move my hand down my smooth tan stomach towards my pussy. I plunge my fingers in my pussy and start going at it. Damn it feels amazing to be a girl! Why am I using my fingers when I have a dildo? I plunge the dildo in my vagina and I never want the feeling to end. I’ve been missing out my entire life! I can’t stop thinking about finding a guy to fuck. I pull the dildo out after my 3rd orgasm and start to get dressed to go pick up a guy. I put the knee highs on but my pussy feels so empty. I notice my pussy juicy running from my pussy down my left thigh. Screw it, a few more orgasms before I go out. I plunge the pick dildo back in my vagina. I’m watching it go in and out moaning ever so slightly when I realize that David is gone forever and Jessica is here to stay.


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