“What an awful display,” I said looking at the busty woman across the pool. She had been getting the other guys to do whatever she wanted all day, just by flaunting her chest at them. “If they’d just wait I’m sure they’ll get a show,” I muttered thinking about her straining bikini top.
“You looking at boobsie over there?” a girl asked sitting beside me on the grass.
I laughed. “Yeah, doesn’t she look ridiculous? I know if I had tits like those I’d be wearing something more…modest.”
“So you think having boobs like that is easy?” she said. What was with these questions?
“Of course. Don’t you see those guys? All she has to do is press those bad girls together and they’re putty in her hands.”
“I’m sure she’d rather not have such large assets. Maybe she’d prefer to be in your position: nobody staring at your chest and catcalling you.”
“Pff, yeah right. Look at her! She loves those things. I’m pretty sure she’s trying to let her top slip off. Just give it time.”
“Yeah, just give it time,” the girl next to me said. Before I could retort though I was on the other side of the pool, heavy weights pulling down on my chest. I looked down, and saw two large mounds, barely contained by my tiny bikini top. I was the busty girl now!
I looked over to where I had been sitting, and saw the girl I had been talking with walking away, leading my body by the hand! “Hey, wait!” I shouted jumping in the pool after them. That was my second mistake, as the motion of my new breasts caused the bikini to have had enough, and the tie came undone, flying off my chest, and quickly getting lost in the water.
Maybe having big boobs was harder than I thought…


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