Sorority Revenge (Pt1 of a new series)

I loved being a part of Phi Alpha Pi (or FAP as we jokingly called ourselves), my 3 years in the Fraternity had been very enjoyable. This year, I was assigned Andrew as a pledge to help guide through. He was nice enough, and we got along, so I can’t complain much. For one of this years hazing rituals we were assigned a weird one- to embarrass our pledges they had to show up at a party dressed as women. Whatever, Andrew and I would knock this one out of the park.

I reached out to one of my Exes, Rose, who was a member of Tau Iota Tau. I had cheated on her, but we still talked occasionally. She was a girly girl, so I thought she could help me. She asked me to have Andrew shop with her for the afternoon, then to meet up with them that night before the party. I dropped Andrew off at the mall, and Rose gave me a hug and a big smile. “I’ll make sure that this goes well, by tonight you’ll hardly recognize Andy.” I checked out Rose’s beautiful rear as she and Andy headed in, he was nervous but also did not want to risk getting in the fraternity. I watched them enter a store inside the door called Bella’s. I got a text from Rose “I’ll message you tonight when Andi is ready”. I laughed at the play on Andy’s name and headed home for an afternoon nap.

That evening I headed over to Rose’s Apartment that evening after she sent me a message -“Andi can’t wait to see you”.

Rose answered the door, and invited me in. As I walked into the living room, I noticed a stunning brunette in a formfitting silver mini dress, with ample cleavage sticking out the top. “Hi, nice to meet you I’m Roger, you must be a friend of Rose’s” I told her. There was a look of fear in her eyes.

“So where is Andy?” I asked Rose as she walked in the room behind me.
“He had to use the bathroom, you’ll see him soon enough- in the meanwhile, I have a strange request. You see- my friend her is a blow job virgin, and really wants to get some practice. I told her that you have an amazing dick. Would you oblige?”

“Ha, who am I to turn down a free BJ?” I pulled off my pants and boxers and sat on the couch. My dick was already getting hard looking at this beautiful woman.

Rose guided her down on to my dick, giving her pointers and guiding her head. It was fucking hot and the blow job was pretty amazing! And jeez, looking down her dress, she had an amazing pair of tits. I blew my load pretty damn quick, and was shocked when this girl swallowed it all. For a BJ virgin she was amazing.

Rose and this woman sat on the couch next to me as I regained my composure. “Thanks for that, you were amazing. So what’s your name?”

“Roger, this is Andi.”
“Nice to meet you Andi, now Rose where is my Andy?”
“Roger, this is your Andi”
“Umm my Andi most definitely does not have tits”
“She does now, tell him yourself Andi”

“Help me Roger, I dont know what she did to me, but I wasn’t able to say anything until she gae me permission. She brought me into a store and had me try on some clothes and I turned into a woman. I don’t know how. The only thing that makes sense is magic. Please help me man. I didn’t want to give you a blow job, but since I’ve swallowed your cum, I’ve felt myself changing inside. My mind tells me I want you inside me. Save me, stop her, get my turned back”
I wasn’t sure what to think, but this woman started sobbing into her hands.

“That’s enough now Andi, be a good girl” said Rose, and Andi suddenly calmed down and sat up straight.

“Ok, what sort of twisted stuff are you pulling?” I asked Rose.

“Well, the ladies of Tau Iota Tau are sick of all you sexist perverts at FAP. We found out that your fraternity president tried to drug our presidents drink, and we’ve vowed revenge. Luckily, a friend found a store run by an actual witch. So one by one, we are going to take care of FAP by turning you all into women and making you members of Tau Iota Tau. Andi here is our trial run. Your costume help request made it an easy test run. “

“Ok, this is just crazy, but we aren’t all bad people at FAP.” I told her.

“Roger, you cheated on me and you took a BJ from a random stranger just now. With that BJ you sealed Andi’s fate, and the fate of your fraternity. When you launched your cum down her throat, you helped the transformation become permanent. While Andy will still be the same Andy-his thoughts are slowly becoming her thoughts- even though she will always remember having been a man. Right now I have her under my control with the spell, but within the hour she will be fully female, and I will have no need to control her.”

I looked at Andi, still not fully believing Rose. “Are you two just pulling a prank on me? This isn’t true is it?” I asked to Andi. Rose told her she could speak.

“Roger, its all true. I think it may be too late for me now- my brain is filled with thoughts of fashion, make up, and boys. It was so weird being in this body at first, but now I’m starting to feel comfortable. I’m so afraid Roger, this isn’t what I want with my life. But I know she is planning on changing you next, so run and forget about me. It’s too late for me. I’m a woman now”

Rose just smiled at me. “Well Andi, trying to spoil my surprise for Roger. What neither of you know is that the lipstick that Andi is wearing is part of the spell- when it came in contact with your dick the spell was cast- within 12 hours you’ll be a woman.”

“Ok this is all bull crap. This must be a prank that Andy is in on too. I’m out of here, you two ladies can try to prank someone else, I’m headed back to the fraternity house. I don’t know where Andy is, but I’ll worry about that tomorrow” I headed towards the door, and walked out.

There is no way any of this is real. Let’s just appreciate the fact that I got a great blow job tonight, and not worry about any of this. I need to go back home and sleep. So with that, I headed back home to the fraternity house and crashed in my bed. But as I fell asleep, I could only picture this girl Andi sucking my dick. She was so good, but everything seemed so off. Nothing makes any sense.


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