So it was you

“You can’t imagine how relieved i am. I thought i was crazy” Roger calmed a bit knowing the truth. When he woke up in the morning only to notice he is now his teenage daughter Veronica he was terrified. The fact that his old body acted like nothing had changed made it worse. At one point he really started to believe he is Veronica and all his prievious life was his imagination.

That was until his wife Janet told him everything. How she swapped their bodies using a magic book and what she is planing to do with them. Janet had also swapped bodies, but with Veronica’s boyfriend Keith.

“So what do you think” Janet asked. “I don’t know. Are you sure about it?” Roger had doubts. “Of course. Look at them, how they wasted their youth. Spending all day on their phones and tablets even when they were together” Janet tried to convine her husband. “But we stole their lives” Roger said feeling guilty. “They already gave them up, and we will use them properly. Just think about it. We can expirience the things we were doing but from other perspectives. We can date, have fun as teenagers, marry in the future and start a family again” Janet hoped her husband will agree. Roger was thinking for some time, then he smiled and noded in agreement. “You’re right. and since you changed their minds to believe they are our old selfs they won’t mind anyway.” Janet was delighted. She embreced her husband’s petite body and gave him a kiss. Roger warped his arms around her neck and returned the kiss.

“So where should we start” Roger asked courious what his wife planned. “There are plenty things to do. Come on” She said and grabbed his hand. Both left the house holding hands excited to start their new life together.


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