Taken over

So, this is me, Amy. I am lying in a couch completely naked, wating for a man from work to come and have sex with me. I wasn’t always like this. The truth is that I wouldn’t act this way before the event.

Let me explain, a few days ago, I was an average looking woman, and quite shy. As I was walking from work to my car, a man bumped into me. We both fell to the floor. He helped me up, and said “sorry ma’am… wait… I’m free! I’m free!” and just ran away. At the time I didn’t know what was happening. I just continued walking, got on my car and drove home.

As I got into my appartment, I felt weird, some of my body actions felt a little delayed. It was like I was on some kind of drug trip. I sat on my living room couch for a few seconds. When I felt better, I tried to move my arm but couldn’t. I tried to look down, and couldn’t move my head. Then, for no reason at all, I stood up, I didn’t mean to, but my body moved by itself. “Amy isn’t it?” I said outloud. That was even worse, why did I speak? “I remember everything you do” I said. It was like somebody was controlling my body. “Sorry Amy, let me explain” Please! do explain!

“I am John, I am a bodyhopper and I’ve been doing this for decades. I have complete control over your body.” I said outloud. I was scared at the thought that somebody else was using my own voice to speak to me. “Don’t be scared, while you can’t hear my thoughts, I can hear yours. So, feel free to talk to me anytime.” my body said. “Please, please, let me go, let me be me” I thought. “Sorry, but not for now. This is my first time in a woman’s body, and let me tell you, it feels better than what I thought. Look, I’ll tell you what, I am going to try your body for a month. If I don’t like it I will let you be, I will leave your body. But if I DO like it, you and I will be together for a long time.”

So that brings us up to today, John wants to try sex in a woman’s body, so he invited a random guy at my office to have sex with me. It has been weird living as a mere thought inside a body controlled by someone else. I used to be really quiet at work, nobody even looked at me. John made a whole change on my dressing habits, he got rid of my glasses and got me contacts. I started dressing a lot more revealing clothes.

Now all the guys want to talk to me. They even buy me drinks and ask me out. I tell you, I love this kind of attention, if John ever leaves my body I will continue to behave as he has been doing. And if he doesn’t, I will just enjoy being an espectator to my own life.


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