A Double-Measure of Dick

“I don’t see what the big deal is! The least you could do is just try it!” I shouted at my girlfriend. She had gotten pissed off when I told her I wanted to try deepthroating, and wouldn’t take her initial ‘no’ for an answer. Now she was in our room rummaging through a box of her things which she had yet to unpack since we’d moved in together. Apparently finding what she’d been searching for, she wheeled around with a slightly crazed gleam in her eye and clutching in the palm of her hand an egg-sized stone with funny-looking runes etched all over it.

“Oh,” she said sardonically as she turned the stone over in her hand, “we’re certainly going to try it.”

Suddenly I found that my field of vision had done a complete 180, and that I was staring down at the stone in my hand. Only it wasn’t *my* hand at all; it was my girlfriend’s. She stepped forward quickly in my own body and snatched it up before I could tear myself out of my dazed shock, and placed it on top of my wardrobe… which was now out of my reach. She explained to me that we would stay in each other’s bodies until one of us turned the stone in our hand whilst concentrating on the other, and that she would only allow that to happen when I’d paid the consequences for my resistance. Since I wanted so badly to try out deepthroating, that was exactly what the price of returning to my body would be. She told me that if I ever wanted to be a man again, I’d have to be throatfucked by my own girlfriend with my own cock first.

Being still somewhat in a state of shock and seeing no other way out, I reluctantly agreed. We undressed, I awkwardly laid myself facing up on the bed at her direction while she lubed up my dick with a bottle from my nightstand. I looked backwards at her and saw the horrifying vision of my own upside-down body with its dick fully erect. From the way she was stroking it, I had the feeling this wasn’t her first time inhabiting a male body.

“Since of course it’s no big deal,” she said with a smirk as she stalked towards me and got onto the bed, positioning her new body for the plunge, “I don’t expect you to gag or try to get me to stop until I’m done. Otherwise we’ll just have to go again and again till you get it right. And if I run out tonight, who knows? We’ll just have to stay this way till you learn.”

I felt my heart drop into my stomach, but didn’t dare complain for fear of a much worse punishment. I took a deep breathe and screwed up all the self-control I could muster as I felt the hunk of man-meat slide down my throat for the first time, and begin to rhythmically pump in and out. Despite myself, I almost immediately gagged, and before I could stop my own squirming, my girlfriend was already laughing at me.

“Well, looks like you’re going for at least two dumps of spunk tonight, babe.” she said as she went back to fucking my–or rather, her own–once again limp body. I whimpered around the bulging cock in my throat. How would I ever get through this night?


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