Short one

“What are your three wishes master?” the genie asked me. “I want Amy to break up with his current boyfriend. I want her to get really horny when she sees or thinks of me. And I want to always be with her” — “granted” the genie said.

I felt the world spin. Everything got blurred. When my vision was back. I realized I was in Amy’s room. I looked at my own body, and realized I was in Amy’s body. “I didn’t wish for this! I wanted her to fall in love with me! with John!” I thought. But as I thought of my formerself I started to get really horny. I just felt like touching my nipples, and then running my hands to my pussy and started fingering myself. “I don’t want to be Amy, I want to be John” I kept telling myself. But the fact that I kept thinking about me, was making things worse. I was so incredible wet and horny.

I called my friend James, and arranged to see him. “Hi Amy? how are you? I was surprised you called me” he said, “me too, but the truth is I am not really Amy” I told him, “I am…. your friend… ohh god, I can’t say his name, or I get really…. ” I tried to not say John’s name, but It was really hard. “Who? John?” James asked. I wish he hadn’t asked that. I ripped my clothes off and had sex with him.

Later on, I called Amy’s former boyfriend and broke up with him. I am now with James. And whenever I am not in the mood, he know that if he says John, I get really turned on.


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