The hitchhiker

I picked up a hitchhiker. We talked for a couple of hours, He seemed kind of cool. We were both going to the same city. And we had plenty in common, his sister was going to the same school than mine, they were even in the same class. His name was Alfred. I had alredy been driving for hours, so I asked him to drive the car while I took a nap. We stopped and switched places.

Ten minutes later, he just looked at me. He was just staring, he was freaking me out. I was about to ask him to stop doing that, when I felt weird, like something was changing. My shoes transformed into heels, my pants disappeared, my boxers transformed into panties, my shirt transformed into a flowered dress, I felt something on my ears, earings had appeared out of nothing and pierced my ears. I then felt myself get shorter. My hair get longer. I grew breasts. I felt my equipment being sucked into my own body. I tried to stop it from disappearing, but I was too late, it was gone. I was now 100% a girl.

Something even more unexpected happened, when I tried to reach for my equipment I had touched my new pussy. That had just turned me on. “Show me your boobs” Alfred said. I raised my dress, revealing my new breasts, and then continued touching my pussy, it felt so good. For a moment I almost forgot I used to be a man. I felt my hands get wet from my cum. I just had to say “oh fuck”. Alfred stopped at the nearest motel. We had sex right there. I was so kinky in bed, completely different as I used to be as a man. It was the best experience ever. We got back in the car, I kissed him, and we continued on our way.

I was no longer on my way to visit my family, that life for me was gone. I was now on a road trip with my new boyfriend Alfred.


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