An Agreement Amongst Friends

It was our final year of college when my friends and I made a bet. We’d been friends for years, we were close since childhood, even going to the same college to be together. Things were great between us, but yet not one of us was able to find a girl that would stay with us for any extended period of time. Because apparently as friends we were too close. So we made a decision. Jason would get a degree in business, Zach would get a degree in cyber tech, and I (Frankie) would get a degree in economics. It was only a couple of years after college that I finished my transition. You see Jason and Zach would make the money for our new family, and I would manage the finances and please my two hard working men. As you can see it’s an agreement we all enjoy. With utilizing the most recent advances in bio-medical tech, it might be possible for us to soon have the tiny patter of feet in our unique household. As you can see we’re trying quite exuberantly.


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