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Quick wish

I thought it was the perfect wish. “I wish I could always be with Emily” I said, “ok master…” the genie answered. “No wait… and that she loved me more than anyone” I added. “Ok, wish granted master” the genie said. I didn’t know how the wish would happen, but I closed my eyes, hoping to see Emily next time that I openned them. But instead, I felt something on my back, I was lying down. I realized someone was grabbing my legs, “Must be Emily” I thought. But then I felt something give me a big push on my crotch. I felt something on my chest bounce. “Oh god!” I yelled. It was orgasmic. Read more

The amulet of habere

I had spent months looking everywhere for it. And after a long and difficult search I finally found it at a store accross the globe. The possession amulet of Habere. It’s use was simple, wear it, turn it and say outloud the name of the person you want to possess. Each turn was supposed to be equivalent to six hours. Read more


It was perfect. Not only I had I received a text message from Adriana, but I have realized what was happening. As you know, everynight I was dreaming I was a brazilian girl named Adriana. The dream felt so real, I was sure, it wasn’t only a dream, I was possessing her during my sleep time. To prove my theory I used Adriana’s phone to send myself a picture of her. And to much of my surprise, it did work. I had Adriana’s picture to prove it. Read more

I would if I could

A few minutes ago after I picked up my daughter from school, I started yelling at my daughter, telling her that I didn’t like her attitude, nor her behavior. Her grades were starting to fail, because she was hanging out with the wrong crowd. I know she’s a good girl, but hanging out with the wrong people will ultimately be bad for her. Read more

One case out of a million

I was making out with my girlfriend, when suddenly she looked kind of frightned. She stood up, and backed away. “Where am I?” she asked. “What do you mean?, we are at your place” I told her. “No, no, I don’t live here” she paused “my voice, it sounds weird” she said. Her voice was alright, I don’t know why she was scared. She looked down at her body, and reacted kind of surprised “wow! these are huge” she said… “wait… why am I a woman?” she asked. I started to get worried myself, “what do you mean? because you have always been a woman!” I told her. “No no, my name is James. I am 18 years old, and I am studing engineering” she said. Read more


Tom had used a spell to possess the body of his next door neighbor Emma. He thought it would be fun to explore her body while alone. He woke up in her body feeling horny as hell. Emma’s husband was still sleeping. He was giving serious thought on having sex with him. “I must calm my self down” he said and quickly walked towards Emma’s bathtub. He expected the cold water to calm his hungry pussy. “It is not working” he said. There was only one thing he could do. He closed the running water, dried himself up. Took a deep breath, and walked back into Emma’s bedroom. Read more

Mirrored reality (part 1)

I still don’t know why it happened, but one moment I was looking at myself in the mirror, and suddenly I was inside the mirror looking at what I can only call my realself. I had lost control of my body, I was doing whatever my formerself was doing. I was no longer real, I was just a reflection of myself. My formerself was acting as if nothing had happened, and I was trapped, doing exactly what he was doing. Read more

An unexpected present

It was christmas eve and Michael sadly turned on the tv. He took a beer from the fridge and sat down on the sofa. He sighed, he was alone with no one to go to on this special evening all because Suzanne, his wife, unexpectedly had to go to work on this evening. He hadn’t complained, because he knew that that wouldn’t help, if her boss said that she had to work she would have to. He sighed again: “If I could only help her to finish her work so she could come home early…” At the exact moment these words were spoken a little christmaself came by and heard Michael’s desperate wish. With the powers Santa gave him, he granted the wish. Michael suddenly blacked out and when he woke up again it was in a familiar body though not in his own. He was in the body of Suzanne! And she/he was right in the middle of giving a blowjob to Mr. Malorian. He couldn’t believe it, the fact that he had just been put in the body of his (apparently) cheating wife and the fact that she had been lying to him the whole time. He let out a little cry, wich Mr. Malorian seemed to find quite exciting as he unexpectedly came in Michael’s mouth and on his face. At least his wish succeeded, he had finished her work early… This was just not the kind of work he had meant…

Mirrored Reality (part 2)

Since that faithfull day when I got trapped inside a mirror, my life had changed for the better. I was no longer a man, but I did enjoy being Emily. I refrained to look at myself in the mirror for days. I was afraid I would get trapped again. One day, I caught a glimpse of myself, “Wow, I am really hot” I thought, “I love being a woman”. I couldn’t stop looking at the mirror. But thankfully, nothing happened. Later that day, I went out on a date with my boyfriend. Afterwards, he invited me to his place. Read more

The proof I needed

My friend Alexa had just told me she was a witch. Ofcourse I didn’t believe her, why should I? “Look, what if I can get you to possess Kim?” she proposed. Kim is the girl I have a crush on at school, so, althought I did believe witchcraft was just a bunch of mumbo jumbo, I agreed. She took a potion out of her purse, “great!” she said as she handed me the potion, “just drink it all. It will be the proof you need”. Read more