Femme Fatale

“Wake up, Agent John. It’s past the time you realize where you are,” whispered the voice. Agent John regained his consciousness and immediately surveyed the circumstance he was placed in. He was naked and paralyzed and placed on a soft chair. In front Agent John stood a man–a man John could recognize anywhere. The scar across his face, the tidy mustache, and the monocle. It was the human trafficking kingpin, Schneider.

Agent John recollected how he got here. Last night, he destroyed the entire facility of the body suit manufacturing site and revealed the corruption among the politicians that allowed the business. As far as it was concerned, Schneider was finished. Although Agent John failed to capture the kingpin, he was certain the justice and the victory has been achieved. Then, he laid with a woman–a beautiful brunette who was acting as an undercover spy in the Schneider’s businesses. Without her, any of what happened yesterday wouldn’t have been possible. He made love to her, and that was the last thing he remembered. A question arose: Where was she?

“Where is she?” John cried out aloud. Schneider chuckled. He took out a brown wig from his purple night gown and mockingly shook it right in front of John’s face.

“You know, John, if there is one thing all secretive service agents should learn from the spy movies…” said Schneider with a wry smile, “it is that they should be always on guard for femme fatale.”

Schneider. Smile. Body suits. Wig. Thoughts boomed in Agent’s John’s brain and he hated to admit what it meant. John frowned and stared at his nemesis, Schneider.

“You did make some… funny faces, when you cummed in… me.” Schneider said as he confirmed John’s suspicion. Agent John hated the way Schneider spoke. Too much dramatic pauses and pride in its tone. When the initial shock and disgust has been warded off, a question occupied John’s mind:Why? Why would Schneider help me destroy his entire business?

“If I may interrupt your thought process,” said Schneider with his index finger placed on John’s forehead, “you’re probably thinking, why. Why would I destroy my own business?” John’s face reddened as his thoughts were read like an open book. Schneider realized his assumption was correct and continued: “It’s about time I retire from my business. When you’re in my position, it’s difficult to wash your hands off, hmm?” Schneider walked away from John and approached to a box located at the corner of the room.

“So you used me? The e-mails? The lost bombs? The phone accidents? All planned out from the beginning?” John shouted toward Schneider’s back.

“Precisely! As expected from my nemesis! You did provide me with quite handful of troubles in recent years. So… I’ve been watching you… for a time.” answered Schneider in his usual and arrogant dramatic tone, as he took out a flat feminine body suit from the box.

“Voila!” shouted Schneider. “Your fate.” Schneider held up a body suit of a beautiful blond girl, ready to be worn and sealed. “This is no ordinary body suit. It’s… custom made. Tailored, if I say, just for you. Her appearances are based on my calculations that theorized your looks if you were born woman. And quite a beautiful body you have…”

Agent John knew what was going to happen: the same thing that happened to all the victims of the human body trafficking. Locked in the body suit, forced to serve men for the rest of their lives.

“Go ahead,” John said as he hopelessly tried to move his paralyzed body. Schneider happily obliged, and started to put John’s muscular body through the gap opening of the suit slit across the back. The body suit was big enough to 6’5” man John was to go in, but that was going to change. When Schneider pulled the activation string, the body suit started to contract itself and the man inside with it. The loose skin parts started to stick to John’s skins and pressed his body smaller and smaller form. The inner parts of the body suit grabbed onto John’s penis and folded it inward. After the contraction has been finished, John was imprisoned in 5’4” blond girl’s body with virgin vagina. John was able to move herself now, but her strength was no match for Schneider’s strength.

Schneider gave a massage throughout John’s new feminized body to finalize the suiting process. Some wrinkles left from the skin suit was flattened out and fitted John’s body like a glove. John tried to resist his firm and strong hands, but she was too afraid of her new state to resist strong enough. Schneider gave out a speech as he started to undress himself. John knew what was going to happen.

“You know why the body suited men just become the sex consorts? Just sold to other men like a helpless slave they are? You believe it’s removing the tag that makes the transformation irreversible but in actuality, it’s… imprinting. When the man becomes the girl, there’s always the first. And just like the little ducklings that mistake whomever they see first as their parent… the girl will mistake whomever they receive cum from as their master. Simple as that. And right now, I’ll imprint… you.” said Schneider.

Schneider lifted up John’s new feminine body like a feather and placed her on him. Schneider’s penis thrust inside John’s vagina. John knew the situation was hopeless and thus let Schneider play with her body like a toy. And so he did. Every corner of her new body was caressed and touched and kissed. Without her realizing, John was moaning and screaming in joy in her first feminine orgasm. Then, John felt a sensation channeling inside her. Schneider has came in her. John patiently waited for the process of imprinting to occur.

As Schneider came into John’s new vagina, he proposed to John: “You know… I have all the money in the world yet I fear that I would be left without… a partner. And what would you be after the mission? A hero, yes, but just another disposable pawn at the chairman’s games. Why don’t you become… mine?”

The imprinting process got the best of John and her mind was telling yes. She reached her back for the tag, and took it out herself, rendering him permanently female.

“Okay, Schneider,” said John, “Only if you stop with that stupid dramatic pauses in your speech.”


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