Poor John

Poor John. He’s in for a surprise when he wakes up. John was out for his usual Saturday morning jog when he found it. A large sealed box. Being the curious type, John carried it home. John was shocked to discover it contained a new high tech female body suit. John had heard of them and knew they were hideously expensive. John had never thought about being a girl but just couldn’t let this opportunity pass. John struggled into the body suit and when it was sealed he jiggled like a girl, he walked like a girl, he sounded like a girl, he looked like a girl, he was a girl. John didn’t have any clothes that fit this body but that was okay. John had no intension of leaving the house. John spent the day walking, and dancing and playing at being a girl. Soon the jiggling breasts and swaying ass of the naked girl began to work on John’s male libido and he became increasingly aroused. John then discovered the sensitivity of the female breast and the pleasure of the female clitoris as he played titty tweak and grab ass with himself far into the night until, exhausted, he fell asleep in his favorite chair. Poor John hadn’t seen the instruction book which fell out of the box when he removed the body suit. If he had and if he had read it, he would have seen the warning that wearing the body suit more than 24 hours at a time would cause it to permanently bond with the wearer. John put the body suit on a 9;00 Saturday morning. It’s now 11;00 Sunday morning and John sleeps on.


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