I always felt a bit self-conscious when going to the beach. I wouldn’t say I was fat, but I wasn’t proud of my body, that’s all.
One day, I was looking for a new swimsuit. I chose a plain black one, quite large, and went back home.

I mustn’t have paid attention to what the cashier was doing, but when I opened the bag I found a bikini! The bottom was quite cute, and the top seemed to be for quite large breasts.

Still holding the bikini, I thought to myself that it sure would be nice to be a good looking woman…
At that moment, they started glowing until I couldn’t see anything.
When my vision came back, I was still holding the swimsuit but with thin, tan hands.

I looked down, only to see that my clothes were now way oversized! I went to the mirror, my pants falling off my now very fit body.
I had become a woman…

My mind shifted towards the bikini again…
I’m guessing the good thing is that I’m quite proud of my body now.


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