After a chemical spill covered the chief scientist Karl Murray in a lethal overdose of an experimental and genetically engineered female hormone substitute he was put into decontamination and quarantine as nobody had any idea what a massive overdose of these chemicals and hormones would do to the human body.

Over the space of 12 hours Karl experience the most intense pain of his life as his body was slowly transformed from its usual geeky nerdy self to that of a beautiful young woman.

For some reason Karl did not feel stressed or worried about going from man to woman as his new female body only had one thing on it’s mind and that was finding a suitable mate and reproducing as his new female hormones took over.

Karl could not stop himself from ripping open the thin cotton vest he was now wearing exposing his new breasts unable to control the mad sexual lust growing in his transformed body at just the site of one of his male colleagues and if it was not for the plexiglass quarantine zone he would of leapt on that man and done it there and then.


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