Picking up His Son’s Phone (Part 1)

John was in the process of cleaning his house when he got to the bathroom. He noticed that his son had left his phone on the bathroom counter. He was picking it up when he noticed that an app was open, The Total Swap App, the description said that just by uploading a picture you could become a different person.

John laughed thinking that it was one of those face swapping things, he noticed there were some presets on the app. Wanting to know what it was he clicked Preset 1. The camera on the phone flashed and John gasped when he looked at the mirror, instead of his own reflection he was looking at that of a large busty black woman. When he looked down he was met with a valley of deep dark cleavage. John reached out and touched the breasts, they were real and they were attached to him. This app changed you into someone else…now what about the other few presets.


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