Repercussions (Pranked 3)

When people kept telling me my sister Kim and her friends were the slutiest girls on campus, I couldn’t believe it. But I had to find out, so one day, I went to her appartment to confront her. But she wasn’t home. I knew she used to hide her key under the front door mat, so after picking it up, I unlocked the door, and entered her appartment.

Inside, everything looked fine, it was, as expected, the appartment of the sweetest girl I remember. I sat on her living room couch, waiting for her to come home, when something caught my eye next to the bluray player. “is that?” I asked myself, “is that a dildo?” I couldn’t believe my little sister would have a dildo. I just had to inspect it, “maybe it’s something else” I said outloud. I picked it up, and immidiately after I felt something weird in my body, I was so turned on. I fell to the floor, and to calm myself down, I started masturbating myself. Somehow, that didn’t feel like enough, I was still holding the dildo with my other hand. Against my better judgement I decided to lick the dildo. Then, I felt everything change. I grew breasts, my equipment deflated and went into my own body, my back cracked as it rearranged. The change lasted barely two or three seconds, but when it was over, not only was I in the body of a woman, I felt like one.

I was even hornier. I looked at the dildo, then at my new wet pussy and I felt the need to feel it inside me. With one soft and slow motion, I inserted the dildo inside of me. The feeling was unbelievable. I went on for hours, I don’t even know how many times I came. Afterwards, I stood up, took the rest of my manly clothes off, and walked towards Kim’s closet, I picked the slutiest clothes I could find, and wore them. I noticed, that I had left the dildo inside me, so I sat on the carpet, and started going at it again. I just loved the feeling of it going in and out, with my other hand, I kept massaging my left nipple.

A few minutes later my sister Kim came home. “You too?” she asked, I just smiled. That day, I was gone, well, my male self was gone, I became Kim’s twin sister. I didn’t care if people thought Kim was a slut or not. Since that day, everyone knew I was a bigger slut than her anyways.


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