Every girl tries it at least once

Peter struggled after losing on Name Your Change, America’s No. 1 gameshow. Not the least of his problems was the fact that he’d been turned into a woman on national television. There was no way he was going to be able to save up enough money to afford a transformation on his own, he he was going to need to get used to the changed. He moved in with his sister Tricia, desperate for her to help him get used to being a woman.

She helped him learn how to dress, how to put on make up, how to take care of her time of the month, the works. He’d complained a lot, especially during that last one. She tried to convince him there were upsides of being a woman too, but she never did ask his just how much he’d explored his new body. She heard occasional noises in the night, but nothing definitive.

One day she came home early. She’d always walked quietly and that’s when he spotted him through a crack in the door to his room. She’d caught him masturbating one time when they were both teenagers and it had been mortifying for both of them. Now she saw him, boobs out and propped up on his desk, sucking hungrily on one of his own tits.

Every girl tried it at least once. At least those with large enough tits, which Peter definitely had in spades now. Tricia was only big enough that she could give her nipples a good lick. It really hadn’t been that great.

But through the crack in the door, she could tell from the look on her former brother’s face he was really enjoying himself. Tricia tiptoed away, happy to know Petra had found something to enjoy about being a woman after all.


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