Have Fun Tonight(Two of Two)

Sarah smiled wickedly as she saw Charlie “Hands” McDaniel walk in the doorway of the high school. “Charlie!Over here!” She called, ignoring the death glare Maggie gave her. Charlie grinned and jogged over. “Ladies…..How’s it going?” he asked. Both Maggie and Sarah smiled and murmured in response, Sarah more enthusiastically then Maggie.

“Shall we get to the dance?” Charlie asked. “One second!” Sarah called, pulling Maggie aside. “Listen, sweetie….I kinda promised Charlie that you’d put out after the dance tonight, so I’m not picking you up till morning. If you want to get turned back into Mark before high school ends, your going to at least pretend to orgasm, got it?”

“But…..” Maggie stammered. Sarah gave her a gentle shove. “Have fun tonight!” she called.


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