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TG Business

I never really saw myself as an entrepreneur. I just felt I was a budding scientist. My passion was always genetic remodelling. When searching for a cure to combat a vicious disease I found something quite interesting. By accident I had stumbled upon a way to instantly change a person’s gender. I told absolutely no one and for the first time the lure of financial gains tempted me. Read more

Mixed Drink

I swirled the girly drink in my glass. It smelled like strawberries, and so did I. It wasn’t exactly what I had envisioned for myself but my good friend Geoff needed a hot date for the night. Read more

Living with his parents again

Thomas was watching tv trying to ignore all the new sensations to which he was not yet accustomed. For example his hair. Usually he kept them short but now they were reaching below his elbows. Thomas brushed them away and moved his hand to the right slightly touching his chest. Thomas winced feeling the soft flesh touching his arm. He looked down to see the two mounds pushing out his shirt. Something he never expected to see on his own chest. Read more

Protestor, Part 1

“IMPEACH MAYOR DIXON! IMPEACH MAYOR DIXON!” The chants roared across city hall as the mob marched back and forth. Anthony stood at the front of the line, picket sign held high, roaring the chant as loudly as he could. Police and firetrucks were lined in an attempt to subdue the protestors, but little was working. Anthony watched on as the firemen readied their hoses, but he continued marching.
“STAND BACK!” The firemen yelled, and while most did retreat, Anthony held out.
“I’M WARNING YOU! STAND. BACK.” He continued on despite the warning.
The sound of pressure was unmistakable as the beige hose sprung to life. The purple liquid sprung outward, covering Anthony and several other protestors as the crowd ran back, fleeing the scene. He fell to the ground, blinded by the liquid as his consciousness began to slip away. Read more

The Private School

“YOU’RE NOT LISTENING TO ME,” The man yelled, obviously furious. Mr. Cliff held his composure and spoke calmly.
“Of course, Ted—” he said, before being interrupted.
“I’m Mr. Hobbs to you, Emily’s dad,” he said, before taking a deep breath, “Now I just want to know why my daughter is performing so poorly. Before enrolling in this private school she was a straight A student on track to become valedictorian, now she’s… she’s… she’s dumb!” He was practically shaking with anger.
“Now it’s easy to be critical from outside the classroom, Mr. Hobbs, but I assure you that any deficits of your daughter’s are not a result of this institution. If it would help, I could show you one of our lessons.” Mr. Cliff said, reassuringly.
“Okay, fine, sure.”
Mr. Cliff stood from his desk, turned off his office lights, and began the projector. A clip appeared of two girls walking down the hall. Mr. Cliff watched Ted Hobbs as the light of the screen reflecting across his face, casting bright pinks and oranges over his skin. Mr. Hobbs, however, kept a clean concentration on the screen. He watched the vapid young girls gossip in the halls, shop at the mall, and flirt with boys. The entire video was set to a unique beat, interlaced with a narration that was difficult for Hobbs to quite understand. He was so focused on discovering the sound that he hardly noticed the video was repeating, an endless loop of the girls. After an hour, Mr. Cliff stood up and began circling Mr. Hobbs.
“Ted,” he said, “Do you see now how lucky your daughter is to attend an institution like this?”
No response.
“Already you are overcome with focus and determination by our lesson and this is only your first hour! Surely you must be impressed?”
Again, Ted stared vacantly at the screen, entranced by the video.
“You know, Ted, many experts believe students learn just as much at home as they do at school, if not more. That’s why I’m very happy you came in today. Through example, you’ll be able to reinforce Emily’s lessons while she is at home. Wouldn’t that be excellent?”
His expression remained unchanged as he glared deeply at the projection, overwhelmed by the distant voices. Mr. Cliff finished his circling, standing directly in front of Ted, his body covered in the projection.
“Strip for me, Mr. Hobbs.”
The man rose, his eyes blank and empty, as he pealed off his clothing one article at a time. He stood in the office, directly in front of the man he came into chastise, naked and obedient.
Mr. Cliff walked to his desk, pulling a small syringe from the drawer. He approached Ted, flicked the needle twice, then injected it into his arm. The changes were immediate. The sound of cracking and splitting overwhelmed the room as Ted shrank a foot and lost easily a hundred pounds. His hair shed from his body leaving him smooth and bald while his hips widened and ass exploded. From his bald head poured blonde hair, stopping just above his newly forming breasts. His face contoured and reshaped as his lips puffed out and his eyes recolored from brown to blue. His expression, however, remained stoic. Throughout the changes Ted stared forward, watching the projection. Not even the feeling of his dick shriveling up and retreating into himself, leaving a proud, puffy cunt was enough to elicit a reaction. Mr. Cliff stood back and admired his work.
“You can take a seat, Mrs. Hobbs,” he said as he turned off the projector and turned on the lights.
She blinked a few times, obviously groggy, as she stretched her arm over her head.
“Wh…what happened?” She asked, her voice many octaves higher than before.
“We were discussing how proud you are of your daughter’s progress here,” Mr. Cliff said.
“Well if the whole staff looks like you I don’t know how she can ever focus!” She said, letting a giggle escape at the end. “Oh and please call me Caitlin. Mrs. Hobbs is too, like, formal!”
“Well then is there anything else I can do for your today, Caitlin?”
The newly made woman rose from the chair and approached the man, placing her hand over the zipper of his pants. Her fingers wrapped around the indention of his cock and rubbed slowly back and forth.
“No but maybe there’s something I can do for you instead,” she purred, her pussy visibly wet.
She was glad she sent her daughter to such a good school. Hopefully, by the time she graduates, she’ll be as dumb as slutty as her mom!

Paradise Line

Writer’s Note: No, despite the title, this has NOTHING to do with trains. And yes Roaster, this is for you. Read more

The most expensive item

I was elated when I found out I won the lottery, but was slightly disappointed when I learned that the prize wasn’t cash. The prize, instead, was a ticket–a free pass to a luxurious hotel for a week; I suppose the hotel was sponsoring the lottery and such. If it’s of any consolation, I was informed that the free pass is the ultimate free pass, meaning that absolutely every expense I spend in the hotel will be covered. So, perhaps to release my frustration that I wasn’t winning any cash, I planned to bath in sparkling wines and waste as much as I could before the pass expires. Read more

New Love

Ben enthusiastically opened the door of his apartment. In front of him stood a tall, curvaceous woman in with beautiful brunette hair.
“Ben, right?” the woman said, answered by a quick nod. “May I come in?”
“Of course,” Ben replied, never one to turn down a guest. He gestured her towards the recliner, opposite of the couch in his living room. While the woman made himself comfortable, Ben placed two tall glasses of water on the table between the furniture and went to the bathroom. The visitor jumped on the occasion, pulling a small plastic powder from her pocket and mixing it into one of the glasses of water. She then grabbed the untampered water, and began drinking just as Ben re-entered the room.
“I’m sorry if this sounds rude,” Ben said, grabbing the glass from the table and taking a sip, “But I’m not sure I know who you are.”
“You don’t,” the woman said, “My name is Savanah, I used to be friends with your wife.”
“Oh she’s not home, I can call her if you’d like,” Ben said in between drinks.
“No, that’s not necessary. I actually wanted to talk to you.”
“Is that right?” Ben asked, placing his empty glass onto the table.
“It is. You know, Ben, I used to have quite the crush on your wife, for a long time. While we had been friends for our whole lives, it wasn’t until after graduation that I developed the courage to tell her how I felt. I remember it so clearly. I approached her, took a deep breathe, and told her that I was gay. You can’t imagine the look of disgust on her face, Ben. Anger, confusion, hate, all twisted together on her face in an indescribable symphony of muscle contractions. All the beauty I saw in her melted away. She called me everything you can think of, Ben. A sinner, a whore, disgusting…” Savanah’s words trailed off as she heard Ben’s breathing increase. His eyes were dilated and his veins were clearly visible on his arms.
“No,” he gasped, “She’s…”
“Relax, Ben. Don’t strain yourself,” Savanah said, as she stood from the recliner. “She took my confidence. For years I wondered what I would do, how I would go on, knowing the love of my life saw me as disgusting. I hated myself. But then, after I saw the pictures of her with you on Facebook, my hatred shifted towards her instead.”
Ben’s skin was flushed and his face was covered in sweat. The heavy breathing had expanded to a full on wheeze.
“Do you feel that Ben, the powder?” Savanah asked, now standing over the frail man. She leaned down, until her face was inches from his. “She took love from me,” she said, grabbing his shirt in her manicured hands. “Now,” she paused, leaning in and kissing the exhausted man, “I’m going to take take love from her.”
She lifted herself off of him and walked into the bedroom. The heat Ben’s body was producing became unbearable as he stripped every article of clothing from his body. He tried to get off the couch but found himself falling to the floor instead, relishing the cold of the hard wood. He curled into a fetal position as his bones cracked and reshaped.
Savanah opened the wardrobe to find a collection of men and women’s clothes. She grabbed a handful of dress shirts and pants, obviously property of Ben’s, and threw them out the window. Screams could be heard from the other room, but that didn’t distract her. She took shoes, belts, underwear, anything male in the room and disposed of it.
Ben’s face had shifted from a pale to bright red, covered in a mess of tears, sweat, and long blonde hair. His chest had exploded into beautiful breasts and his ass was expanding by the second. His dick was harder than it had ever been before, so much so that it felt as if it would bust. The pressure became more and more unbearable as his face contorted into a beautiful, feminine figure.
Savanah held a photo of Ben and his wife, a grin slipping across her face. She took the wood-framed image and tossed it from the window, into the streets below. Within minutes the room became void of any proof of Ben and his wife, save for his wife’s clothes. The noises had changed from pain-filled screams to lusty moans. Savanah flipped the light switch and headed back for the living room.
Ben’s cock burst, releasing load after load across the table. The pleasure was more than he had ever felt in his life as images of Savanah rushed through his mind. He saw the way she had kissed him earlier and imagined her naked, caressing his soft, subtle breasts. He quickly associated the roaring pleasure he felt with the images of Savanah as his cock deflated like a balloon. His balls, once empty, shriveled into his body, pulling his cock in with it. A fresh, fat-lipped pussy took their place. The newly minted woman pulled herself off the ground, a wetness building between her legs. She leaned against the couch and turned towards the hallway as she heard Savanah enter the room.
Savanah admired her handy work. “How do you feel, babe?” she asked the blonde.
“I feel so different. So new. I think I love you,” she replied.
“Enough to leave your wife, Ben?” Savanah asked with a huge smile on her face.
“Wouldn’t you rather be my wife instead?” the blonde asked, approaching Savanah. She held her body close to hers, wrapping her arms around Savanah and leaning her head towards her ear. “You can call me Bailey now,” she said, her voice dripping with sex. She leaned back and kissed Savanah passionately, allowing Savanah’s hand to trail downward towards her new sex. Her wife was going to be shocked when she got home later.

Held captive

I was riding my quad through the country side when i lost control over my machine and fell of it. When i woke up every inch of my body hurt. I noticed i was in an unfamiliar house. I tried to get up but my body was to weak. Then an old lady came in “I see you’re already awake. Drink this, it will reduce the pain” She smiled and handed me a cup with some medicine. Later she told me how she and her husband had found me unconscious. They took me to their house and cared for me until i will get back to health. I was greatful that they saved me but i hoped i could leave soon. Read more

Lil’ Sluts

“Dude, what’d you put’in my drink?” Ben slurred.
“Just a lil’ something to get the party started.” Kevin replied, loud enough to drown out the party around them.
“What like molly? X?” Ben asked, looking around to see if they’d been noticed by anyone there, they hadn’t. They were kind of losers.
“Nah. Something we’ve never done before. You should start to feel it’s effects soon enough.” Kevin explained.
“What will I feel?”
“A pleasant warming feeling spreading throughout your body accompanied by a gentle tingle. You’ll get really horny and then you’ll start to notice the changes.” Kevin gave a knowing smirk.
“Changes?” Ben asked, his concern drowned out by drunkenness, he was less worried, and more unsure as to whether he heard his friend correctly or not.
“Yes, first and most noticeably will your hair.” Kevin said.
“My hair?” Ben asked. “Am I gonna lose my hair? What is this chemo?”
“No, no, no. It’s not chemo.” Kevin reassured his friend. “But you will lose your hair, but just on your body, not on your head. In fact, on your head quite the opposite will happen.”
“Opposite?” Ben pulled a confused face. “What so I’ll get more hair?”
“In a manner of speaking.” Kevin smiled, his gaze shifting from his friend’s face to just slightly north as he watched his hair grow long and shiny.
“Why are you looking at me like…” With that Ben raised his hand to his scalp and got a fistful of what was once a crew cut, but was now long feminine hair.
“Next of course will be your skin. Growing smooth and toned. Not an imperfection to be found.” Kevin went on. “Look, you’re acne’s already clearing up.”
“What is this?” Ben asked, growing ill from the shock. He rushed to the bathroom, stumbling as his center of balance shifted gradually as he shrunk. This of course was lost on him because he thought he was just drunk. Kevin followed his friend, basking in his own feminization, stroking his now soft, hairless arms and getting oh so aroused. Ben arrived at the bathroom mirror and was appalled at what he saw, but he couldn’t help touching himself through his pants, which now were much looser fitting than he remembered.
“Next you’ll start to see the skeletal changes. You’ve already shrunk considerably. I’m shrinking too, but you hips will then widen and your shoulders will narrow. All of your digits and limbs will become slighter and your face will follow suit.” Kevin narrated.
“Mmm…” Ben moaned. He watched in horrified ecstasy as his whole body shifted into that of a sexy young girl. His shoulders crushing in and hips widening. But by far the most unnerving, and confusingly arousing was watching his face shift. His cheekbones raising, his brow retreating, his eyebrows thinning, his nose and chin shrinking and his eyes growing.
“Next of course will be the more cosmetic changes. Fat redistribution and beautification. A thin lipid layer will be spread across you skin giving it a tight smoothness, your hips and ass will fatten up as well as your breasts and your cheeks will become shapely and cute and your lips. Well, that’s my favorite part. Your lips will pout up and out into an adorable, kissable mouth. Perfect for the night we have ahead of us.” And like everything else, As Kevin explained, so it then was. And soon Ben’s face was that of a sexy teenage girl, with the body and perky tits and ass to match.
“Kevin… Mmmm… Why does it feel so good.” Ben moaned in a voice that was not his own. Grasping at his rigid cock and stroking furiously, not caring that his equally feminized friend was staring at him doing the same thing. “I’m gonna, I’m gonna… OooohOOHHH!” And he had the most violent orgasm of his life, shooting out ribbons of cum all over Kevin’s face, clothes, and cock. And as soon as Ben’s cum hit him, Kevin returned the favor cumming all over Ben, more intentionally of course and with better aim.
“Oh god. It should be so gross, but I want it. Mmmm. And Beatrix licked it up. As soon as the cum touched her pouty lips the were stained a gorgeous bright red. She came again, all over her friend who now stood beneath her cock mouth wide ready to accept it. Katrina also had her lips stained ruby red as she lapped up friends cum hungrily. The Kat pounced on Bea and began sucking her cock, feeling it shrink in her mouth as Beatrix came her manhood away one moan at a time. Soon, Kat was lapping at Bea’s new pussy and stroking her own. The two of them fully made up in permanent makeup, written into the DNA dictating the color of their skin. The two newly born sluts lapped up all the remaining cum from each other’s faces, mouth and bodies and then realized their male clothes were still on and covered in cum.
“Like, what now Kat? We can’t like go out their dressed like this. They’ll like totally think we’re gross.”
“It’s all good doll. I brought us a change. And Kat pulled out two tiny tops from her bag. A white one for her and black one for Bea. The made out furiously as they got dressed and then emerged from the bathroom ready to party. And as soon as they came out then saw the looks they were getting from the boys in the room, even the girls. They shot the sexiest, dumbest looks back at them as they knew what kind of night they were in for.