All the boys in Miss. Gardner’s sex ed class were excited for the big lesson. Every year Miss. Gardner took applications from her students to be her partner on the demonstration day. Demonstration day was when she got fucked by a student in front of the whole class in order to demonstrate proper sex technique. Josh had been keeping his grades up, working out, and generally trying to kiss up to Miss. Gardner from the start of the year and it paid off. The day before Demonstration day she announced that Josh would be this years demonstration partner. Josh barely slept that night and was the first to class the next day. When Josh walked in to see a man sitting at Miss. Gardner’s desk he began to panic.
“Where is Miss. Gardner?” Josh demanded
“Oh she is sick, I’m the sub for today. Are you Josh?” the man asked
“Yes I am” Josh replied
“Great she wanted you to drink this.” The man said handing Josh a bottle with green juice in it. Josh looked skeptically at the bottle. “You can read her note if you want.” the man offered. Josh shook his head and drank it.
Suddenly he was transforming into a girl, his chest expanded, his hips widened, and he manhood sucked up inside him. When the transformation stopped the man handed him a package with a girls school uniform in it. “You better hurry and change the bell will ring soon.” Josh was in a panic and tried to hurry and change still not understanding what happened and why. He managed to strip out of his old clothes and get the girls stockings on when the bell rang. “Just leave the rest you’d just take them off in a minute anyway. Josh was absolutely stunned by the mans words. He stood their confused while his classmates entered and gawked at his naked body. The substitute was talking now but Josh couldn’t hear him. Why had he said he should stay naked? Why had he listened? Why had Miss Gardner made him a girl!?!
“…So you see Josh here will still be the demonstration day partner just now he will be the woman.” with that Josh watched as his classmates snickered at him “Feel free to get up see it from different angles and take notes.” With that the sub turned to Josh, gently pushed him back onto the desk and started fucking him. To Josh’s surprise he started feeling good right away. By the end of the hour all Josh could think about was where to get more of that green juice.


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