Imagine having your life all messed up. That’s exactly what happened to me. I was supposed to use a spell on a coworker, to have him pay for the stupid things he had done to me and my other friends. But he knew what we were planning, he knew I had bought a book of spells. So he had prepared himself with a protection charm. The moment I casted the spell, it rebounded, and hit me. I fell to the floor. As I tried to stand up, I strated growing breasts, I shrunk down about two inches, my waist got trimmer, my hips expanded, my body hair just evaporated, my face reshaped. I felt the last of my manhood go into my body.

And that was not the worst part. The spell was supposed to make the new girl love the the person who cast it. I was looking at him, at first mad, then I felt attracted to him. In no time, I was all over him, kissing him, and asking him to sleep with me. He then took me to his place. He left me in his room for a little while. I was so turned on, I raised my blouse a little revealing part of my breasts, and unbuttoned my jeans. After he came back, he was completely naked, and his erection just turned me on more. After giving him a hand job, I asked him to be gentle, it was my first time. We had sex for hours. I just love him very much.

The next day, my boyfriend told me my coworkers kept asking for the old me. I just laughed. Too bad for those losers, I am glad I have found the perfect boyfriend.


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