No fun for me.

Jason did not know how he was going to hide his baby bump tonight as he stared at his reflection in the mirror.

It was bad enough that he had gone up two bra sizes in the past couple of weeks as he tried to squeeze himself into a shapewear body control dress.

He did not want to resort back to his old sweat clothes he wanted this night to be special for his wife he did not want to be the one spoiling his wife’s birthday party.

Knowing that he would have to go maternity clothes shopping sooner rather than later as it was doing nothing to hide his baby bump as he tried his best not to burst into tears.

Cursing the great shift for putting him in the body of a pregnant woman as he tried to get dressed for his wife’s birthday party knowing it was not going to be any fun for some reason when you’re pregnant everybody wants to talk about it & rub your belly.


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