“Are you ready to do this” Allison asked her nephew. Tim nodded trying to hide his excitement. “Sure, let’s do this” Tim looked at his aunt’s beautiful body, the body he will soon be inhabiting. Tim close his eyes and let himself fall deep into the the words, softly spoken by his aunt. He felt like he was drifting in an empty space. When he opened his eyes he was already in her body. “It worked” Tim said staring at the danity hands he had now. Allison was standing before him with a big smile on her face as she explored her male body. Tim looked down and was greeted to the sight of Allison’s breasts hidden under her top. Raising his hand to his face he was amazed how soft it was right now. He runned his hand across his neck to his hair, it felt so nice. Then he stroked his waist and let out a girlish giggle. “This is perfect” Tim said in a sweer voice. Allison agreed “I feel so much energy right now” She grinned.

Tim always felt that he was suposed to be a woman. When his aunt suggested to swap bodies he was extremely excited to try it. There was something about his aunt that he couldn’t stop thinking about. Now he had her body. It was suposed to be a temporary experiment but they definitely enjoy their new bodies and it didn’t seem like any of them will be willing to swap back. Tim was finally the person he always wanted to be and he couldn’t wait to see what it’s like to have sex as a woman.


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