Randall the Crime Wizard

Frank stumbled into the room, glancing back at the large muscular man who had been guarding it with his arms crossed. He looked around and saw a man in a grey robe sitting at a desk looking over some books.

“Are you him?” Frank asked, “Are you Randall?”

“Randall the Crime Wizard.” Randall corrected, “Seriously, why do you think I dress up this way?” He said and pointed at his robes.

“I just got out of the First County Bank. I barely made it. My buddies didn’t. The police were everywhere. I know they are looking for me.”

“And you want me to fix it so they don’t find you? A simple enough request. I name my price.”

“I’m not parting with all the money I just stole.”

Randall laughed. “Oh, I won’t want more than one thousand dollars cash. No, I ask for something else. A favor of my choosing.”

Frank looked around and frowned, “Fine. Now how are you going to make it so they don’t find me?”

“Well, they’re looking for a white dude with a scruffy beard. You need to not be that. Let’s see…” Randall said and walked over to a chest and started digging through it, “Not much in- oh! This! This will do!” He said and smiled. He pulled something black out of the chest and he turned and raised his hands pointing at Frank.

Frank felt his whole body begin to tingle. He looked down at his arms and saw his skin darkening. He gasped. He hadn’t believed the stories he’d heard about Randall until now. Normally a pretty short guy, he actually got a bit taller. Then the real changes started.The hairs on his arms vanished and he groaned as his chest and hids widened. Randall shouted something and his clothes vanished and for an instant Frank could see budding breasts and a dwindling cock. He wanted to scream, but Randall shouted again and he was covered. Well mostly covered. Dark hair fell into Frank’s face and he looked down, seeing his chest swell to fill the top he was now wearing. He felt an arousal at seeing those breasts so close and felt his cock try to stiffen. It was soon replaced with a new, damp sensation and he gasped.

The tingling stop and Randall pointed. Frank turned and saw a mirror. He was so stunned he didn’t even make a face. In the mirror was an incredibly hot black chick with giant boobs. He reached up and saw the arms in the mirror move and he felt them. His eyes widened slightly and his mouth opened in shock.

“Don’t think anybody will find you like that, and the thousand dollars should more than cover that outfit.” Randall said.

“I-” Frank began, hearing the sultry tone of his new voice, “How long does this last?”

“Oh, it’s permanent.” Randall said, “If you think your buddies were going to implicate you, you might want to stay that way for a few years at least for the heat to die down. Plus I charge a lot more to turn you back.” Randall smiled.

“How much more?” Frank asked tentatively.

“Oh, we can talk about that later. For now I’d like my favor.” Randall said and with a snap was naked. His cock was hard and massive, pointing right at Frank, “I’ll let you off easy, one blow job.”

Frank stared at it and realized he didn’t really have a choice. Now that he believed the stories about Randall being a literal wizard, he also believe the stories about people who didn’t pay him. He didn’t want to end up as a literal bitch.

Frank walked over and dropped to his knees in front of Randall. He cautiously licked at it for a minute before Randall put his hand on the back of Frank’s head and shoved him down.

Randall smiled as Frank grunted and squirmed, his throat full of cock. Of course he was under charging Frank for this. Randall thought of it as more of an investment. If Frank was like most criminals he’d blow through all his ill-gotten cash in a year or less. When it came time to get turned back Frank would be desperate.

Frank started to breath more regularly and began bobbing up and down on Randall’s cock. She sure would make a good whore one day…


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