Night On The Floor

Tom still couldn’t believe it had come to this. He used to own places like this. More then one, actually. Then came his bad decision. He’d made other bad decisions before, of course—who hand’t?—but this was his Bad Decision.

He should have known better then to start fucking Tony’s wife. He’d felt bad, and tried to break it off after a couple months, but she got pissed. And, apparently, she had the mojo to do something about it because the next day he was working at one of his clubs instead of owning it. And “Rose” definitely didn’t have a easy time of it, having to be on her feet most of the night—-except on special occasions where she spent it on her back.

He didn’t know when this curse was going to wear off, but he did know that until that great day came, he had to make a living. Sliding on his heels he walked towards the door.


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