“But this is impossible! How did you…? Why?”

“I have been practicing magic! Aren’t you proud of me? You have always been better at things than me, Chris, and finally I think I’ve found my true calling.” Gary’s smile was just bursting from his face, seeing his handiwork.

“But why change me into a woman? Why not someone else? Or practice on a tree or something? Change me back!”

“The spell works best if I know the subject really well, and you and I have been friends for YEARS! I’ve even seen you naked. I had to choose you. Also, changing your physical appearance isn’t all I can do now.”

The new girl looked worried. “What do you mean…?”

“Here, let’s try it out. What is your name?” Gary did a little thing with his hand.

“Kristen Gretchen, your point?”

“Good, do you want to kiss me?” Gary smirked.

“No, gross, I’m still a man!”

“Check again, sweetheart.”

“I… don’t… ugh!” The girl held her head in her hands as emotions washed over and through her, jolting new memories into place. When it was over, she slowly raised her eyes to meet his, and smiled.

She walked up to him and kissed him roughly. He returned the favor. Then, licking her lips, she whispered, “We are going to be late to the party if we didn’t leave soon. But I don’t think I’d mind a distraction.”

“But, aren’t you a man?” Gary said coyly.

She twirled in her new dress, replying, “Honey, do I look like a man to you? Do I fuck like a man to you? I should punish you right now for saying such things.” She grinned wickedly, eyeing his crotch.

And she did.


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