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Happy Birthday

“To Mark. Open me”
That´s all it said on the note next to the gift box on the table.
I scratched my head. Owen, my roommate, was an notorious prankster and gifts from him shouldn´t been taken lightly.
With outmost care I losened the ribbon on the top.
It didn´t help me the slightest.
When I pulled the ribbon I activated the trap, which exploded in a cloud of glitter and smoke, enveloping me completely in the process. Read more


He was completely entranced. The medallion overpowered him like he never had before. He had to follow its swinging, and it’s swinging, and it’s swinging…. Read more

A Good Dream

You’re lying there in your soft warm bed.
under the blankets. sleepy.
you’re eyes are closed it’s morning but you can feel the dream calling you back to sleep. Read more

Taking Advantage – Part One

“Are you sure you want to go through with this?”, Clyde asked his friend, and now girl, Liam who was standing in front of him. Hadn´t he seen it himself in person when Liam changed from his male visage to this female form with the help of an strange medallion he hadn´t believed that the woman in front of him in fact was his friend. Read more

Protestor, Part 2

Emily opened the front door.
“Mayor Dixon,” she scowled.
“Do you mind if I come in?” he asked.
The two sat across from each other in the living room as he spoke.
“Listen Mrs. Carr, I greatly apologize for the affects of the chemicals we used against you and the other protestors. I wanted to make sure I apologized personally for that. Now I understand that you are the one who organized the protests, I came back to ask why.”
“You’re the most corrupt politician I’ve ever seen in my entire life!” she yelled, her face red with anger, “You used chemicals against protestors and didn’t even lose your seat! I spent a week confused until the affects wore down, and I’ll be stuck as a girl forever. You wanted to tear down the park and build an oil refinery for a company that YOU OWN! I could keep going all day if I have to.”
“I know you may not agree with me, but what I do is best for the people of this town. Here, watch this video and let me know if it changes your mind,” he said, placing a DVD on the table as he walked out. “I’ll be back tomorrow.” The door closed behind him. Read more

The Private School

“YOU’RE NOT LISTENING TO ME,” The man yelled, obviously furious. Mr. Cliff held his composure and spoke calmly.
“Of course, Ted—” he said, before being interrupted.
“I’m Mr. Hobbs to you, Emily’s dad,” he said, before taking a deep breath, “Now I just want to know why my daughter is performing so poorly. Before enrolling in this private school she was a straight A student on track to become valedictorian, now she’s… she’s… she’s dumb!” He was practically shaking with anger.
“Now it’s easy to be critical from outside the classroom, Mr. Hobbs, but I assure you that any deficits of your daughter’s are not a result of this institution. If it would help, I could show you one of our lessons.” Mr. Cliff said, reassuringly.
“Okay, fine, sure.”
Mr. Cliff stood from his desk, turned off his office lights, and began the projector. A clip appeared of two girls walking down the hall. Mr. Cliff watched Ted Hobbs as the light of the screen reflecting across his face, casting bright pinks and oranges over his skin. Mr. Hobbs, however, kept a clean concentration on the screen. He watched the vapid young girls gossip in the halls, shop at the mall, and flirt with boys. The entire video was set to a unique beat, interlaced with a narration that was difficult for Hobbs to quite understand. He was so focused on discovering the sound that he hardly noticed the video was repeating, an endless loop of the girls. After an hour, Mr. Cliff stood up and began circling Mr. Hobbs.
“Ted,” he said, “Do you see now how lucky your daughter is to attend an institution like this?”
No response.
“Already you are overcome with focus and determination by our lesson and this is only your first hour! Surely you must be impressed?”
Again, Ted stared vacantly at the screen, entranced by the video.
“You know, Ted, many experts believe students learn just as much at home as they do at school, if not more. That’s why I’m very happy you came in today. Through example, you’ll be able to reinforce Emily’s lessons while she is at home. Wouldn’t that be excellent?”
His expression remained unchanged as he glared deeply at the projection, overwhelmed by the distant voices. Mr. Cliff finished his circling, standing directly in front of Ted, his body covered in the projection.
“Strip for me, Mr. Hobbs.”
The man rose, his eyes blank and empty, as he pealed off his clothing one article at a time. He stood in the office, directly in front of the man he came into chastise, naked and obedient.
Mr. Cliff walked to his desk, pulling a small syringe from the drawer. He approached Ted, flicked the needle twice, then injected it into his arm. The changes were immediate. The sound of cracking and splitting overwhelmed the room as Ted shrank a foot and lost easily a hundred pounds. His hair shed from his body leaving him smooth and bald while his hips widened and ass exploded. From his bald head poured blonde hair, stopping just above his newly forming breasts. His face contoured and reshaped as his lips puffed out and his eyes recolored from brown to blue. His expression, however, remained stoic. Throughout the changes Ted stared forward, watching the projection. Not even the feeling of his dick shriveling up and retreating into himself, leaving a proud, puffy cunt was enough to elicit a reaction. Mr. Cliff stood back and admired his work.
“You can take a seat, Mrs. Hobbs,” he said as he turned off the projector and turned on the lights.
She blinked a few times, obviously groggy, as she stretched her arm over her head.
“Wh…what happened?” She asked, her voice many octaves higher than before.
“We were discussing how proud you are of your daughter’s progress here,” Mr. Cliff said.
“Well if the whole staff looks like you I don’t know how she can ever focus!” She said, letting a giggle escape at the end. “Oh and please call me Caitlin. Mrs. Hobbs is too, like, formal!”
“Well then is there anything else I can do for your today, Caitlin?”
The newly made woman rose from the chair and approached the man, placing her hand over the zipper of his pants. Her fingers wrapped around the indention of his cock and rubbed slowly back and forth.
“No but maybe there’s something I can do for you instead,” she purred, her pussy visibly wet.
She was glad she sent her daughter to such a good school. Hopefully, by the time she graduates, she’ll be as dumb as slutty as her mom!

Crystal Ball

´”Yo! Randy! I`m home!”, James shouted out to his roommate but the abscense of an answer indicated that he wasn´t home yet.
“Whatever” Read more


“I’ll see you tonight, Molly,” she said with a wink. I wanted to gag. Me and my wife are known to take bets, and we often push the stakes farther and farther. After winning my last bet and making my wife dress like a dog all day, she’s stepped it up by forcing me to dress like a girl all day. She shaved my whole body, got me a wig, some breast forms, and did an incredible job on my makeup. I was already a pretty slim guy, so she had a decent canvas to work with. I had to give her though, unless someone literally took off my pants and saw my dick there’s no way they’d know.
The day was pretty boring. I didn’t want to leave the house, obviously so I mostly texted my friends. Any snapchats I got I replied with pictures of objects instead of myself. However, I wasn’t able to avoid people forever. When I went to the fridge to get something to eat I found it totally barren, my wife must’ve dumped it out before leaving for work. I went online and ordered a pizza, hoping I could make this experience as minimal as possible. Read more