That’s Just Wrong

Guys? What’s going on? Why is it so dark in here? Guys? Come on guys. I know you’re here. I can hear snickering. What’s so funny. Let me in on the Joke. Guys?

I don’t know Tom, I mean suckering Mr. Wilson into getting in that alien machine we found and turning him into a half naked chick is pretty hilarious but making him a blind chick is just wrong on so many levels.

That’s the genius of it, Dan. I made him feel perfectly normal as a chick. Since he can’t see his body, he’ll never know he’s been changed. After he’s paraded himself in front of the guys for a while longer, I’ll change him back and he’ll never know. This will be the biggest joke on a teacher for the year.

I guess, but still…

Oh lighten up Dan. Wasn’t it Mr. Wilson who said he didn’t want to see any practical jokes in his class this year. I’m just following orders.


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