I was at the lab working on a special device. My investors expected me to finish it this week. What they wanted was a time travel machine; but the more testing I did, the more convinced I was that time travel was impossible. After some adjusting I got the machine to somewhat work.

I had put two knobs, one was for vertical travel, the other one for horizontal; one meaning time, the other one, I don’t know, I just put it there for the fun of it. I moved the vertical knob up, and looked at my watch. To my surprise it appeared to be running fast. It was 10 minutes later. I then turned the knob down, and my watch went back in time. I then tried going back in time 1 day. It did work, but the whole day, I wasn’t in control, it was like I was in some kind of autopilot, just reliving my day. Maybe that happened so that I couldn’t alter the timeline, and produce some kind of paradox.

I then thought about moving the horizontal knob. I moved it a little. Nothing appeared to happen. But I looked out the window, and noticed that my car looked different. It was my same car, but the paintjob was different. I decided to turn the knob further. I closed my eyes, and when I openned them, I realized the furniture in my home was completely different. I looked outside again, and my car was different too. I looked at my clothes, and they were different. “I don’t remember wearing blue leggins and a gray top…” I said outloud. “what the hell?” I ran to the bathroom and looked at myself in the mirror. I was a whole different person, I was a whole different gender! “Damn I am hot and cute” I said. I then remembered my husband, “oh shit, I might forget who I was” I said.

I walked back to the machine, and turned the knob back. And I was back to my old self, and my old appartment. “Interdimensional travel! Alternate reality! that was an unexpected side effect!” I kept thinking about it all day, when I was a woman, even if it was for a few minutes, I felt really turned on, and the whole thing seems reversable, so, I might as well experiment a little more.

I walked back to the machine, and turned the dial back. I was back to being a woman, “Amy, my name here is Amy! This is so amazing! I am 22 years old, and I am married.” I said while standing up, and pretending to walk on heels. “It was a great wedding, I wish I could’ve actually lived through that… wait! I wonder if…” I said while walking back at the machine. I turned the vertical knob down 20 years. The machine started shaking and just evaporated. I felt myself go back in time.

I was a two year old girl. And once again I was just an observer, I could feel, hear and see, but not control my own body. My mind was clear and all, but I could hear my girly thoughts. After a while, I was in synch with my new body, whatever I was observing I was thinking about doing. It didn’t feel weird, it felt normal. At first I thought about going back to my own reality in 20 years. But the more time I spend as Amy, the more time I want to stay as her. She is as smart or even more than the old me, she is hot, and she has a better life than what I had.

Can’t wait to be old enough to try sex from this perspective


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