Prostituting Attorney

Jeff was fed up with his attorney Leon Jameson, after he lost his case and was going to prison for a crime he didn’t commit. His life was ruined, but before they took him away, he made sure to ruin his failed attorney as well. Leon had a necklace that was a family heirloom, allowing one person and only once per generation to use it for revenge, and only for revenge.

Jeff yelled out in rage, not having even yet decided to actually use the necklace, but apparently it activated on it’s own as Jeff’s heart was full of vengeance, “You fucking prosecuting attorney, you were suppose to win my case so the other guy would go down for this. I’m innocent. Prosecuting attorney, your a more like a fucking prostituting attorney, fucking everyone over so you can make a quick buck.”

Suddenly Leon was in shock, he was sitting in some man’s living room being taking up butt by a huge cock, as he stared in shock at his new breasts, stocking clad legs and heels, and pussy, as this man pumped away into him giving him anal.

“Oh, yeah, Leanna Ryder, how much did you say anal was? Oh you’re so good baby,” said the man.

At that moment Leon now Leanna realized he or rather she was somehow some kind of prostitute… a prostituting attorney like her client had said in court. As the man exploded into Leanna’s ass she screamed realizing she was fucking for money, and she was herself truly fucked over for it. In her new profession, she would never have a losing client, and she would receive payment in more ways than just money.


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