Pretend Fantasy

“Oh crap! James is back already?!” He and I found that wishing coin, and he wished to be rich and have a constantly horny nympho to screw whenever he wanted. What he didn’t know is that I had always wanted to experience life as a woman, and I had quietly wished to be a sexy blonde. Thinking his wishes had come true, he shrugged and had his way with my new feminine form, and it was amazing! With his new wealth, James purchased a huge house with a pool, and knowing that I’d be out on the street if he knew I had changed into a woman on my own, I pretended to be his constantly horny bimbo, wanting to wait until we were married to tell him the truth. I was watching some TV when I heard James’ car pulling into the driveway three hours early. If this plan was ever going to work, I had to put on a good show for my new husband-to-be, so I ran out to the pool as fast as I could, took off my dress, and jumped into the pool, beginning to rub my pussy furiously. As I made myself mind-meltingly horny, I knew that I would have no problem playing the little nympho when James came outside to stick his big, pulsating cock in my hungry little pussy.


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