I Can’t Believe This is Happening

As I lied on top of my best friend while his engorged penis slid in and out of my pussy, all I could think was that I can’t believe this is happening. Earlier that day I was walking my dog when I noticed a strange looking toy gun lying on the ground. Amused by the very retro looking item, I picked it up and continued on my way. I was almost home when my dog tangled up my legs and caused me to trip. Allison my neighbor ran over to help me up. I thanked her as she helped me to my feet, the little retro gun then fell out of my pocket and shot a beam of light at her. She deflated like a popped balloon, I couldn’t believe it. Was she dead? I quickly grabbed the gun then went to grab her to see what happened. Once I touched her deflated skin, I felt this uncontrollable urge to take her inside and put her on.

I got into my house, quickly undressed, and pulled her delated body out of its clothes. I opened up a seam in the back of her neck and began putting her on. I was soon assaulted by a crushing force that crammed in my gut and forced my entire frame to reshape into a smaller size. I felt my entire body begin to tingle and burn as my body reshaped itself. I then noticed my chest and ass began to jiggle a bit more. I was growing boobs! My amazement didn’t last long though, my penis then began to squeeze and contort as I felt a burn turn into a pleasurable buzz. Before I know it I was Allison…

After an hour of freaking out mixed with a little feminine exploration, I decided to text my buddy Derek. As soon as he got there I attacked him and we both had many hours of fun together. As he stuffed his cock into me, all I could think was I can’t believe this is happening.


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