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Think Hard

“Relax dude, I’ll find it.” Fred said to Rob, who was understandably upset. Using the wishing coin, Fred played a practical joke that made Rob look, sound and act like Bibi Somers, a bimbo stripper who was notorious for her sexuality and stupidity. Rob was a good sport for a while, dealing with his squeaky voice and valley girl dialect, in addition to the skimpy lingerie he now wore, he handled it all in good fun. But when Rob wanted to be changed back, Fred found that he couldn’t find the coin. Read more

Pretend Fantasy

“Oh crap! James is back already?!” He and I found that wishing coin, and he wished to be rich and have a constantly horny nympho to screw whenever he wanted. What he didn’t know is that I had always wanted to experience life as a woman, and I had quietly wished to be a sexy blonde. Thinking his wishes had come true, he shrugged and had his way with my new feminine form, and it was amazing! With his new wealth, James purchased a huge house with a pool, and knowing that I’d be out on the street if he knew I had changed into a woman on my own, I pretended to be his constantly horny bimbo, wanting to wait until we were married to tell him the truth. I was watching some TV when I heard James’ car pulling into the driveway three hours early. If this plan was ever going to work, I had to put on a good show for my new husband-to-be, so I ran out to the pool as fast as I could, took off my dress, and jumped into the pool, beginning to rub my pussy furiously. As I made myself mind-meltingly horny, I knew that I would have no problem playing the little nympho when James came outside to stick his big, pulsating cock in my hungry little pussy.

Dick Muncher

Henry called Kyle a “dick muncher” for not wanting to stand up to the bully at school, Patrick, who was continually stealing his lunch money. Henry and Kyle had been friends at school for a few years, but Kyle was tired of being insulted by Henry, as Henry had a big mouth so to speak. The “dick muncher” name pushed him over the edge of anger. Kyle was mad, and was about to yell back at Henry. Kyle wasn’t a fighter, but could yell with the best of them, and did have a bit of a tempter when pushed too much! Read more