Playing with demon

– Haha! At last! I have flesh again, and i’m free to unleash my vangeance to those who untrap me into this necklace.
– No please! give me back my body!
– No can do young one, you have been warn about playing with demonic stuff and you tried to summon me anyway. So endure your punishment for thinking you could make me do you bidding. Now, this body cannot contain two souls, especialy when i’m one of those so where can i put yours. Oh! I know. You really should get rid off the pest in your appartment.

And with that the soul of the blonde beauty was transfered into a corckroach who passing nearby. The girl once named Debora was now just a simple insect and was moving randomly, not totally in control of her new body. The demon in her body laugh, watching the poor insect realised what will be her life from now on.

The door opened and Eric, Debora’s girlfriend entered her room. As the demon looked at her tall and buffed boyfriend, an evil smile appeared on her sexy face.

– I could enjoy this female body but that one could suit me a lot better.

Wondering why his girlfriend talling like that, he hadn’t the time to say anything before the swap spell happened. And it was with the voice of his girlfriend he finally say.

– What are you saying sweet…. what?!!! What’s going on?!

Looking at his new body, the demon answer with Eric voice.

– Your flesh is now mine, young one. I put you into her body cause i really miss the pleasure of flesh and fucking a souless corpse is no fun. So you will do perfectly in her place.

And with that, the demon unzipped his pant and began fucking the man in his girlfriend body. Forced by an obedience spell, he cannot do anything to resist the demon entering his new body. Begining his new life as the sex-slave of the demon. From the wardrobe, the cockroach, was looking at the scene, watching her old body being fucked and regretting to have played with forces she cannot comprehend.


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