Guinea Pig

I might be a newlywed. And you might believe I am the most sexy and loving wife you have ever seen. And you will be right. But I wasn’t always like that. In fact, I was 16 years old and still in highschool when it happened.

My friend Emily said she was learning magic, and that she could cast spells and prepare potions to alter anything about a person. “I need a guinea pig” she said. I was reluctant at first, but eventually I did allow her to try spells on me. Most of them were unsuccessfull. She made me stronger, thin, fat, younger, older, but nothing was as fun as when she turned me into a girl.

Every night she would turn me back. Which was both a failsafe and a relief. I learned a few spells along the way. “Lets try this one” she told me one day. I felt my transformation as I was getting a little older, and feminine. “Wow, I am hot!” I said while looking at my new breasts. I even smacked my own ass, “and sexy” I said. “Let me try one myself” I said. She was surprised I wanted to prepare a potion too. But she accepted. I created a special mix, one that would transform her into a man my age. And just for fun, she would think she would be attracted to me. “What are you preparing?” she asked. “It’s a surprise” I said.

Once she drank the potion, she transformed in seconds. “What did you do?” she asked with a lower voice. I just laughed, “Don’t you like it? I can see you like it” I said while pointing at her erect cock. “Oh shut up” she said, and we had sex. It was our first time, I enjoyed the hell out of it, and she did so too.

Afterwards, I saw her preparing a new potion. “What is it?” I asked. “It’s a surprise” she said nonchalantly. We both drank from the potion. New memories started to form inside my mind. I remembered my childhood as a girl, my first kiss, how I met Emily…. how I met Tom… how we became best friends, and how we started dating. “Wow, it’s such a rush. I love it” I said. I could see Tom was also getting new memories.

We kissed again, and embraced each other. “Now what love?” I asked him. “I guess it is time to start a new life” he said. I agreed, we casted one last spell. To make everybody forget about our former selves.

I got a job as a masseuse, and he worked his way up at a software company. A couple of years later, Tom proposed. I immidiately said yes. That next day we got married at city hall. Which bring us up all the way to today. I am in our kitchen almost naked, shaking my ass, hoping for Tom to catch my drift, and have sex right here in our kitchen, well not after the usual spanking. I just love feeling my ass bounce.


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