Ultimate App: Curiosity and Exploration

“Mmmm, yeah baby. Just like that. Touch my boobies”

The man fondling the woman reacted to her choice of words. “Baby? Are we roleplaying now?”, he said with a slight suprise.

“Yeah, its not hard getting into it when having a banging body like this. It´s literally tingling everywhere”

“And yet you were reluctant to be changed to a girl even after you had lost the coin toss”, the man said with a wry smile.

“What can I say. I was wrong”, the girl moaned as strong hands caressed her body.

“That Ultimate App really did a number on you”, he said amused.

“Shut up and go the third base instead. My pussy is itching for stimulation”

“You make me wonder how its like to become a girl myself”.

“Do what you want, but if you want to become a girl you´ll have to be a lesbian because there is no way in hell I´m giving up this body!”, she said an squirmed under the ministrations from his hands.


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