Perfect Protrusions

After the nanite chemical doused Jeff, he felt strange all over, and a huge pressure in his chest. He burst open the top to relieve the pressure, exposing his brand new massive breasts! Barry and his friend Mark were pleased, the nanite chemical worked well, those little robots completely changed Jeff as well as his clothes! He was now the busty blonde MILF they programed the changes for. Jeff was in total shock and disbelief as he massaged the new melons with his latex glove covered dainty new hands!

He took the new sunglasses off to get a better view when low and behold the dude that did this, Barry, and his friend Mark were already unzipping their huge erect cocks for action! Jeff nearly screamed, but once he stared at the huge appendages before him, he was mesmerized by their huge presence, enticed by pure lust and desire for the huge cocks in front of him. He was in complete control of his body, just not his new female urges!

With the huge weights helping, he dropped to his knees, as the latex pencil skirt restricted his legs tightly, ready to grasp the huge well hung studs, as his new five inch heels popped off they back of his feet from his feet arching forward towards the man meat. He wanted to scream, but was overwhelmed with slutty desire for his two former buddies.

The only words he muttered in his new voice were, “OH GOODNESS!”

This was as the cocks approached his new plump burgundy lipstick covered lips, as he licked them in anticipation! They dudes had a new sex toy, and she had two studs to play with!


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