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Gene Pool (3)

In the past few months, it had become abundantly clear that the function of the nanites was to drastically increase human fertility. Carlita had quickly become pregnant after sleeping with Mr. Ramon so many times. Mr. Ramon insisted that she live with him in his house and have the baby. He assured her that she and the baby would be taken care of for the rest of their lives. In her mind, Carlita was still an immature male college football player. She couldn’t believe that she was pregnant. She couldn’t believe how much she wanted to constantly have sex with a man. She couldn’t believe that she said “yes” when Mr. Ramon proposed to her. She couldn’t believe that her giant tits were already lactating when she was only 3 months pregnant!

Gene Pool (2)

“Don’t fuck with me!” Carlos, now ‘Carlita’, said to the rich older gentleman who suddenly pulled back the shower curtain to reveal his guest’s wet, nubile body. The lecherous man had found the overly endowed, newly transformed Spring Breaker alone on the beach and offered her hospitality in his beachside mansion. Afraid to go back to her hotel where her horny, rambunctious friends were, she begrudgingly took him up on his offer. The first thing she did was get in the shower hoping to wake up from her nightmare or at least wash off whatever had transformed her into a big breasted babe. It was shortly after that the rich man, Mr. Ramon, interrupted her shower to inform her about the nanites after seeing the news reports. What he was really doing was hoping that the reports were true about those infected by the nanites being incredibly horny… They were very true…

Gene Pool

Carlos was a football player at his college. He was enjoying his Spring Break in Cancun. He was partying and hooking up with girls almost nonstop. One day, while he was drunk on the beach, he noticed that everyone was leaving for some reason. He was too drunk to notice that people were panicked. Even his friends left him behind. As he stumbled around the beach looking for his friends, he tripped and landed on the wet sand. It was there that he passed out as the tide began rolling in.
Carlos woke up to the feeling of splashing seawater. He felt really groggy and hungover, but his body also felt very strange. Something was different. Something was wrong. He felt strange weights hanging from his chest as he shifted around in the sand. He felt sand in places he had never felt before. He felt smaller and softer. He felt that his hair was suddenly much longer. As Carlos jumped up and screamed in a girly voice, he was too distracted by his transformation to notice that there was no one else around. Everyone else had gotten word. Experimental nanites designed to alter people’s genes had been leaked into the ocean. Carlos was now very much “Carlita”…

Match Maid

Stan was 28 years old and still living at with his parents with no job and no plans to study. His parents were fed up that he was wasting his life and their money so they hopped on their computer and found a matchmaker service. These matchmakers work by transforming a person into a buyers ideal parter for a massive payout to the seller… somehow this is still legal. Read more

Perfect Protrusions

After the nanite chemical doused Jeff, he felt strange all over, and a huge pressure in his chest. He burst open the top to relieve the pressure, exposing his brand new massive breasts! Barry and his friend Mark were pleased, the nanite chemical worked well, those little robots completely changed Jeff as well as his clothes! He was now the busty blonde MILF they programed the changes for. Jeff was in total shock and disbelief as he massaged the new melons with his latex glove covered dainty new hands! Read more


I was a photographer for Sports Illustrated, when one of the models came up to me after a shoot…
“Well let me tell you this really quick before I lose control again.
My best friend Jeremy and I were never the most patriotic people. We talked about how messed up this country was online pretty much everyday, heck we even had our own youtube channel where we shared our radical anarchist political views.” Read more


I had been really proud of Ryan. We had been best friends for ages, but he had always been unhealty and a bit obese. He had been invited to try out this really intense new workout and diet that promised to completely reshape your body, but it also required being gone at a camp for an entire summer. He wasn’t allowed to bring his phone at all- he had to be focused on the workout. Read more

Concealed Weapon

As a private spy, I do work for whoever pays the most and I am the best at what I do. On one previous mission I recovered special nanites that allows me to control my entire physical nature through a computer. For my next mission, commissioned by a wealthy gang leader, I am to go undercover at a restraunt that is used as a front for a rival gangs drug trade in order to gain any information that can be used as leverage. The thing is they only hire women.
Once at my home base I configure and activate the nanites to the desired look. I felt tingling all throughout my body and in five minutes I was transformed into a young sexy brunette that should be able to get hired right away. On the walk to the restraunt I had passed through an alley officially marking the rival gangs territory. I hear footsteps approaching behind me but continue on as my disguise is 100% real. A man grabs me from behind with a gun to my head. In my normal body I easily could have taken him but one downfall of the nanites is that I take on the physical strength of the form I assume. I am helpless in this form and must do exactly as he wants. The man rips off my shirt and pushes me towards a wall. I grab and hang onto some nearby chains to keep from falling. He roughly pulls down my pants and whips out his secondary weapon. I can only hold on tight and wait for him to fire his load and leave me.

Nemesis – Villain’s Log

Day 4:
My plan continues to work perfectly. Ever since I transformed myself into Amaza-Girl’s weakness – a submissive nymphomaniac lesbian – she’s been completely unable to resist me. She actually took me into her lair, the fool! Unfortunately, so far she’s been insatiable, and I haven’t been able to get away from her long enough to implant the nanovirus. Read more