Lack of Planning

Sigh. Four more hours to go. Well I certainly did plan this out very well. As usual, I acted with out thinking it through. You see, I bought a cheap looking necklace at a flea market for $3. I’m still not sure why. When I got home I found a note in the box saying it was the Medallion of Zulo and it was magic. If you wore it and touched it to an item of clothing, it would change you into an exact copy of the last person to wear the clothing. Then after 12 hours, you could change back by touching your own clothes. Not sure if I believed it or not, I just grabbed some of my sisters underwear from the dirty clothes hamper and drove to my parents lake house where I knew I wouldn’t be disturbed. Well damned if it didn’t work and 30 minutes later I was an exact replica of my sister. Only problem was what do I do now. Oh sure, I checked out my new girls body but that didn’t take long. After all it is my sisters. The only clothes that fit are the under wear I used to change with so I can’t even go outside. The lake house doesn’t even have a TV. All I’ve done for the last 8 hours is lay here and watch the clock bored out of my mind. I can see I need to plan out my next use of the medallion a whole lot better.


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