Sick Fantasies

Finally, my sickest fantasies are coming true!

To put this into context, I had read about these stories online about people from Craigslist coming breeders to futas. Naturally, when I heard about this couple wanting a surrogate and nanny, I applied.

But when I got there, it wasn’t what I thought. The couple was a regular straight couple and they wanted a woman to do the surrogacy, not some guy off the street. It was kinda depressing, actually. I left, dejected, and I ended up in a spell shop that was probably fake, but it didn’t matter; I just wanted to buy a spell so that I would be a woman. It work, but when I returned to the couple, they had gotten another surrogate.

So, after changing my body to be a woman’s and finding out it was all for nothing, I left that house for the second time in a depressed state. Eventually, I went to the apartment of the girl who did get the surrogacy and I bullied her to let me have it. Eventually, it ended up in the bedroom and that’s when I noticed something I should’ve before: she was fresh from the shower a wearing a bath robe. A bath robe that didn’t stop her 15 inch long erection from poking out.

After I notice her dick, I asked the surrogate for one thing: impregnate me. She was nervous, but a little subduction changed her mind. I rode that thing for five climaxes and at the end of it, I asked her to marry me.

So yeah, Jackie, the surrogate, had her pregnancy alongside mine. I had more in my belly, so I grew faster and Jackie had to do all the heavy lifting for a while. We are lovers, but marriage is something Jackie wants to be sure of before we commit. Personally, I don’t care either way; I’m still gonna get dick.


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