Paying his dues

Alex holds his balloon like tits and pouts at the camera trying not to wince as a twinge of pain reminds him he has not yet completely healed from his latest round of surgeries. He tells himself it’s not forever, reminding himself there are worse things they could have made him other than a cam girl.

The money is good and they haven’t asked him to do anything too creepy, not yet anyway. All he has to do is stick it out for another year, maybe two, and then he’ll be free. He can pay his debts and try resume a normal life.

He flicks his bleached blonde hair back over his shoulder and sticks his well padded ass out trying to look as sexy as he can.He just hopes that he can do a good enough job that there will be enough money left after he has served his time to revers what has been done to him otherwise he will have to seriously reassess what he considers a normal life.


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