School for Wayward Boys

So, here I am. A girl. I never wanted to attend this wretched educational institution but it was all my own doing, I wouldn’t change. Miss Grenniges School for Wayward Boys is one of a kind. The school takes in boys who are off the rails and make them female.

We all make mistakes in life but I had made far too many. I had well exceeded the limitations. So away I was sent. I cried endlessly. I didn’t want to be some stupid girl with tits. I was completely and utterly terrified.

Walking in to the school I was shaking. I just wanted to hurl. I felt so sick. Then they put me into the chamber. Everything felt so weird but I knew what was happening, I was going to be a girl. I felt my stomach squeeze as my male genitalia retracted to make a perfectly functional pussy. My hips widened and hair lengthened as my chest and rear ballooned. I walked out a completely different person.

My long brown hair and feminine curves did not suit my former self. I honestly couldn’t convince myself that the person looking back at me through the mirror was indeed me. I wanted to be a bad dream.

It all felt so wrong, long hair framed my vision and everytime I looked down I saw two mounds which defined my breasts. When I walked everything wiggled. Nothing rested between my legs and I was so much shorter. I had to sit to pee and I new emotions were flooding my brain.

I was enforced to persist. To my humiliation I had to wear a proper girls uniform to class. Skirt, heels, pantyhose, the real deal. All the teachers were female and the majority of classes focused on how to live a life as a respectable woman. On my first day I was constantly hounded. As a man, you don’t cross your legs, it’s too uncomfortable. So out of habit I sat with my legs apart, the teachers despised it, Miss Harris said “don’t be such a slut young lady, not everyone needs to see that vagina of yours”.  By the end of the day, I made a constant effort to keep my legs crossed. The teachers were also quite dissapointed I didn’t wear make up so I went to an after-school tutorial on cosmetics so this would not happen again.

Initially I was very wobbly on heels however as the day passed I got better and better. I also found it comfortable to cross my legs and it was beginning to become habit. Even make up had become quite an interest of mine. I was washed in panic when I came to the idea that maybe I was getting used to and maybe even liking womanhood.

I made a very good friend Rae, she was a fellow student and like everyone else attending was a transformee. She raised many interesting points, she preferred being a girl. She loved the feeling of being pretty and wearing the clothes. She enjoyed the soft new feelings of her body as well. I had to concede being a girl was kind of nice and I guess I had to accept that because I was one for life now. No students changed back. I was very pretty and I’m not exactly distraught in my current form maybe I could get used to this.

Now I think about it, this school really does a good job. I have no desire to do the wrong thing. I feel so much calmer, so much happier. Plus, I’m not sure that I mind being a girl.


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