Picking Up His Son’s Phone (Part 2)

Having just turned himself into a busty black woman using the Total Swap App on his son’s phone John decided to check out some of the other Presets. He clicked Number Two and a flash of light went off, again a new face was staring back at John in the mirror. He was back to being white, but he was still a woman, this one was more fit and in shape but had one thing in common with Preset One, Big Breasts. John had figured his son liked big breasts, he had posters of models on the walls, usually with D-cup of bigger, and the few times John had accidentally walked in on his son Masturbating the porn on the Computer all most always featured a girl with big natural breasts.

John couldn’t blame him for liking Big Tits, John liked them big too, heck his wife was pretty stacked, that was what drew him to her in the first place, it seemed his son had inherited the love of big lumps.

John reached up and gave his breasts a bounce, they were so soft and jiggly, he now knew what it felt like to have breasts…it wasn’t bad, but soon John had enough of Preset 2 and was ready for Number 3


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