Niece’s Little Secret

Tony (36) always wondered where his niece, Kaylee (16) ran off to after dinner. Tony was visiting his brother’s family and every night, Kaylee would put on some good clothes and bolt out the door. He was shocked that his brother nor his wife would ask where she was going. Tony couldn’t handle the mystery any longer and after failed attempts, found a way to get his answer.

Hearing about a body swapping spell online, Tony purchased it and once it arrived, he waited until Kaylee left. After an hour, he read the spell outloud and his vision went dark. Suddenly…


Tony was in a world of ecstasy, feeling something hard going in and out of his body. Turning around, he saw himself being fucked by a long, thick cock, going into his pussy. A line of guys were waiting behind him and that’s when Tony realized Kaylee was a slut…

HE was a slut. Why would he ever give this up? The pleasure was mind blowing, covering all of Tony’s natural instincts. All he could scream out was:

“Fuck me harder!”


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