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Can’t get enough.

“Fucking whore!” muttered Jack as he received yet another rejection from his online dating profile his anger bubbling to the surface yet again “How dare she reject me just for being honest, so what if I told her I was only interested in a fuck it’s not like she wasn’t thinking the same thing.” Read more

Body swap: From man to milf

It all happened so fast I barely had time understand what was happening. One minute I was talking to my mother in law and okay maybe I was staring a little but who can blame me when she is such a hottie. In an instant I went from admiring here huge tits feeling them hanging from my own chest. She didn’t even give me a second to adjust as she stripped me naked and bent me over the washing machine. I was helpless to resist as she used my own young male body to overwhelm me. Read more

All at sea

I had a falling out with my brother a few years ago and I pretty much ended up cutting out of my life. I don’t mind too much, he was always much too impressed with himself . The only thing I do miss about him is spending the weekends on his yacht. Read more

Ted’s new look

This is Ted, and before you ask no that is not short for Theodora or Theresa or anything like that. Ted is a perfectly ordinary heterosexual male or at least he was until I started my little experiment. Read more

Getting a good view

Ha! It’s ironic, I possessed this woman’s body because I wanted a really good close up look at the female form but I can hardly see the most important parts without a mirror. Luckily this body feels even better than it looks, turns out it’s a lot of fun exploring with your fingers as well as your eyes.

Failed punishment

Jack was sick of the neighbourhood kids sneaking onto his property to use his hot tub so he laid a hex on it. Anyone who used it with out his permission would be in for quite a shock.
Turns out he was the one in for a shock, his hot tube is more popular than ever. Despite his repeated warnings half the boys in the neighbourhood have used it, happily transforming themselves into girls. It’s getting so bad he can hardly use it himself. Just this morning he went out onto his decking to find a pair of newly transformed miscreants frolicking in the bubbling water. He has a good mind to put the former boys over his knee and deliver a sound spanking but from the mischievous looks on their pretty faces they’d probably be into that!

Dressed to impress.

What the hell Mark! Where the hell are you going dressed like that? We need to stay here and figure out how to reverse the spell that turned us into girls. Read more