Out of body experience

I had a dream I was outside my body, and as much as I tried to get back inside of it, something was pulling me away. It was like swimming against the current. It felt pretty much like a nightmare. After much fighting, I stopped moving, and closed my eyes. Thinking I should just let the flow take me to wherever it wanted to take me.

A few minutes later, I stopped felling the flow over my body. So I openned my eyes. I was at an unfamiliar place. It looked like a hotel room. I stood up, and walked around. My clothes fell funny, but my eyes were still adjusting to the light, I couldn’t see what I was wearing. I walked to what appeared to be a mirror. I walked into the dim light, trying to see myself in the mirror. My reflection scared me shitless. I was in the body of a woman. “It must still be a dream” I said outloud. But this feels so real, I walked closer to the mirror, and touched my breasts. They definetely felt real. I looked, as any man would do, for my equipment, but it was gone, replaced by an emptiness.

I turned on the lights, thank god I was alone. I wouldn’t be able to deal with a horny husband or boyfriend. I tried to look for some clues. Apparently I was there on some kind of business trip. But what scared me the most was when I saw something in the trash. “It looks like a termometer” of some kind. After taking a further inspection, it was a pregnancy test. A positive pregnancy test.


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