Pantyhosed Vagina

Ted said he loved a pantyhosed vagina. The genie he found was impatiently waiting for his one wish.

“Do you wish for that,” asked the genie.

“I wanted more than that, but yeah I want that too, not going to make that one wish until I figure out how to get it all,” said Ted.

“Do you wish or not,” asked the genie ever impatient.

“I wish, but…,” said Ted as the genie interrupted.

“There you said you wish! Ted you wished for a pantyhosed vagina, so now you will be the pantyhosed woman Regina! Enjoy your wish, MISS REGINA,” said the genie before vanishing with her bottle!

Suddenly Ted was a woman starring at his new shapely pantyhosed legs and vagina, and as SHE pushed off her heal in shock, she realized the wish went wrong! She also realized her foot was a bit funky sweating in those new hose from all the shock of the change!

Ted now Regina grabbed her new tits then her new crotch and screamed in her new voice realizing what had happened, and that the genie, good for a single wish, was gone!


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