Dream come true? Part 2

I stirred, my weak limbs straining at the restraints.

“Ah good you are awake” said my captor, a scientist by the looks of things. A man in a business suit stood looking from the window behind him, leering into the room.

“As you know, you have been volunteered for the Perfect Bride Project by a random lottery, selected from the undesirables of our society. No-one will miss you and most will think you are dead. Don’t worry though, life as a powerful mans wife will be far better than the lifetime of being a useless dreg. So enjoy married life. You won’t remember this conversation, mainly due to the new memories being implanted in the next minute or so.”

As i began to scream, my brain seemed to feel on fire as the worst headache of my life occurred. I didn’t want this to happen, i liked my old life. I clung on to everything that was me and didn’t let go, even as i blacked out….


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