Morning fuss

“Honey can you pick up” Stacy said hearing the phone ringing. There was no answer and the phone still rang. “Damn it Mike, pick it up already” She wanted to poke him but her husband wasn’t there. She groaned and rolled over to pick it up. She looked at the screen, it was her friend Marcy. “Hello” Stacy asked half asleep. “Stacy you need to help me, Is my… I mean Mark over there” She cried. Stacy was confused, she called yeeled for her husband but he wasn’t home. “Calm down Marcy and tell me what happened” Stacy said rubbing her eyes. After a short pause Marcy said. “I’m not Marcy it’s me Mark. I somehow woke up like this today and… Oh god she really did it” Stacy could hear she was starting to panic. “What the hell are you talking about Marcy? This is no time for jokes” Stacy got angry. “I’m not joking, i’m really Mark. Remember our honeymoon and your small accident in the toilet?” Marcy said. “Oh my god how did you… Is that really you Mark? But how?” Now Stacy got scared. “Just please come here” Marcy begged. “Ok, ok, I’ll be right there. Stacy said and dressed up as quickly as she could.

When she arrived at the place Marcy answered the door. She was still in her nightgown and judging from her eyes she was crying moments before. “I’m so happy you belive me” Marcy or rather Mark hugged his wife. “Ok. Now calm down and tell me everything” stacy said.
They went to the kitchen where Stacy made him some herbal tea to calm his nerves. Mark told her everything about the big quarrel he had with Marcy a week ago, about how she promised to steal his life and how he woke up this morning in her body. Stacy couldn’t belive her friend was capable of doing something like this. They had to fix this but where to start? Marcy wasn’t picking up the phone and they had no idea where she could be right now.

“Don’t worry honey, we will get your body back but for now we have to go to work” Stacy said. “I can’t go like this” Mark protested. “I didn’t mean your work but Marcy’s” Stacy pointed out. “Her work!? You can’t be serious!” Mark was shocked. “Look, i know you are angry at her but Marcy is really a nice person and my dearest friend. She may have a moment of weakness but that’s not a reason to ruin her life. We don’t know her motives so please just for now you have to pretend to be her” Stacy was holding his hand. Mark took a deep breath “Fine” He mumbled.

After a quick shower Stacy took care of Mark’s make up and hair. Then she handed him a pair of panties which Mark hesitantly put on. Mark blushed when she helped him with the bra and pantyhose. Then he put on a pencil skirt and a sleeveless White Blouse with buttons on front. Stacy was smiling as Mark was checking out his reflection. He never admited it but Marcy was hot.
“What now” Mark asked, putting hands on his hips. “Put these on and we’re ready to go” Stacy dropped a pair of high heels before him. Mark slipped his feet in them and wobbled to the door. “I hope i won’t break my leg in these damn shoes” Mark groaned.
Stacy drove him to the place where Marcy was working. “Good luck” She patted him on the back and drove off. Mark looked at the building. His hearth was pounding fast. “What i got myself into” He said to himselfs and went to the building.

In the meantime, hundred of kilometers away Marcy stepped out of the plane. She took a deep breath “Ohh, the smell of a new life and new oportunities” She smiled. “Thanks to that body i can start over again. No more making coffee for my fat boss and nobody will be looking down on me and treating me like a helpless girl. I hope Mark will have fun because i’m sure i will”.


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