Magic Book

My grandpa has warned me about the book. Before my grandpa passed away, he gave me an old book but he warned me that the book have some powerful magic spells.
My grandpa is known in my family as a weird guy. My father once told me that he was in some kind of a cult that does some weird magic rituals. But I never believe in such magic, until..

I was sitting in front of my desk, doing my school assignment. After finishing my school assignment, I decide to clean up my desk from unused paper and other stuffs. And I found my grandpa’s book that he gave me a few years ago. I still remember that he said, that this book have some magic power, but I never actually open and read the book. As I open the book, I felt chill on my neck. And I start reading the table on content. I admit there was a few topics that is weirs such as, “Summoning”, “Sacrifice”, and many other rituals stuff. But there is one topic that catch my attention, “Body Change”. I think why not give it a try, maybe I can be a buff guys, or even have the body of an athlete.

I was reading the instruction about Body Change. In the book, it was stated that it doesn’t require any complex rituals or sacrificing, it only require the person who wished to be altered to read spells that they need. However, its not only the body that will be changed but also the whole life will be changed. Well, I think its fine, maybe I can be a real athlete.
So, I began to cast the spell.. I started to feel dizzy and everything turns to black.

When I came awake, I realize I was in an empty room sitting on an armchair. The room was white and empty.
Suddenly a voice speaks to me, “Your body and life will be changed as you wished..”
And I felt everything spinning, before I was to my back to be sitting on my bed. I felt nothing changed, but when I take a closer look to my surrounding, I realize I wasn’t in my room. I was in my girlfriend’s room, in Bella’s room. I wonder why I was spawned in her room.
I realize, I still holding my grandpa’s book on my hand but there is something different about my hand. Somehow my nails are painted and I’m wearing bracelet? I was shocked to find blonde pigtails hanging from my head. Thats when I realize that I was in Bella’s body. But I don’t get it, why am I in Bella’s body and not in an athlete body?

I tried to read the spell again, but to my surprise the page of book that contains the spell has vanished. But I kept reading to find out what happen. And then it hit me, the spell will only change me to somebody who I deserved to be. I admit that lately I haven’t so nice to her, but that doesn’t mean that I deserve to be her.
So I sit on my new bed, only wearing Bella’s bra and panties wondering how I get out of this mess, and as I was thinking about it suddenly Bella’s memory rushed into my mind and I know everything she know. The idea of having Bella’s body and life makes me feel excited, this means I can try to live my life as her.
Everybody thinks I’m the real Bella, even my own body acted as the way I used to act. Even though my new boyfriend sometimes isn’t so nice to me, but I know that I love him and he loves me. What make me love him more is the sex we’re having ever now and then. Now I know why I deserve to be in this body


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